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The Madow Brothers is pleased to offer New Patient Mail clients convenient online access to their monthly new resident information.

You can now obtain your monthly new mover list just by logging into this section below.

Your data file will be downloaded at the push of a button in your choice of a Microsoft Excel CSV (comma separated value) format, or on a Microsoft Word file that has been already formatted to fit mailing labels (Avery 5160 size labels, or similar). Simply log in, and you’ll be able to select a folder on your PC’s hard drive to save it.

If you currently receive your lists in the mail on printed labels or on CD, you can continue to get them in that way. This new download tool offers a more convenient option to you. If you currently receive your lists via email, we will continue to send you your monthly notice message, and direct you to this page to log in and download it.

(Note: Your Account # should only include numeric characters. Please do not type any letters or other characters into the Account # field.)

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