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Can These People Help Grow Your Practice?

[/av_textblock] [/av_section] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] YES! Finally there is a simple solution to reaching a level of success in your dental practice that you never thought possible. It’s called New Patient Powerhouse and it is a simple and effective way for you to share ideas, ask questions and brainstorm with The Madows as well as with some of the most progressive and successful offices in North America!

Become a New Patient Powerhouse member and you will immediately have “front row” access not only to The Madow Brothers, but to all of our other members as well. Think of it as your personal “top level” study club.

In New Patient Powerhouse it’s all about idea sharing between great offices. Our members have experienced incredible practice growth. You undoubtedly will see the same! These are some of the nicest offices you will ever want to be associated with!

New Patient Powerhouse is simple. As a member you will receive…

A practice building video personally recorded for New Patient Powerhouse members by The Madow Brothers!

Every month we go into our studio and record a video designed to help you in a particular aspect of your practice or your life. The videos are between 30 and 45 minutes long and are perfect for sharing at team meetings! Topics include minimizing cancellations and no-shows, setting goals, treatment planning, how to conduct team meetings, becoming more profitable, social media updates, how to get new patients, etc.

Access to our New Patient Powerhouse online forum.

Do you ever have questions that you want answered immediately? Would you like to see what’s working in other offices? Are you sick of the “other” online dental sites because of the cliques, jokes, religion and politics? Post a question on our forum, and you immediately receive what you are looking for – THE ANSWER! And we’re open 24/7!

A professionally written article every month that you can email to your patients, post on social media sites, or use as your blog.

Let’s face it. You are a dentist, not a writer. You do not have time to consistently write and send out interesting material to your patient base. But you know it’s important to stay in touch. So leave it to us to do the writing. Your patients will love you for it!

And… once a year, join us for our New Patient Powerhouse LIVE Brainstorming Session! That’s right, every fall our members come to beautiful Baltimore, Maryland to spend an entire day brainstorming with The Madow Brothers as well as each other. Docs and team members have told us that this is one of the best days they spend each year and they always look forward to the next one. And to top it off, we end the day with a fabulous “Powerhouse” dinner!

New Patient Powerhouse is the most affordable dental idea-sharing and practice growth program in the world!

Don’t even think about paying a “consultant” $30,000 or more! Keep your hard-earned money!

Join the country’s most powerful idea sharing group and learn from the best!


BONUS!!! Join New Patient Powerhouse and we will immediately send you these free gifts:

DVD: “How to Never Run Late” by The Madow Brothers – This video answers the age old question “How can we stay on time and not upset our patients ever again?” It’s a fun watch for the entire team. And you will become the office that is always running on time!

DVD: “Can We Stop Cancellations and No-Shows?” by The Madow Brothers – Can we stop them? Well, most likely not 100% since we are dealing with human beings. But can we minimize no-shows and cancellations so they no longer affect our bottom line? You bet we can. Just watch this video and you’ll find out how!

DVD: “Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice it and Dice It!” by The Madow Brothers – We are always so concerned about production and collections but is there another way to increase your profitability? Just take a look at this video and you will find out. We give you so many things to cut down or eliminate that your head will be spinning. And your wallet will be GROWING!!!

DVD: “Twenty-Seven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes!” by The Madow Brothers – If you are not on Facebook yet, this video is a fantastic “jump start!” Social media is one of the best communication tools we have ever seen and this will give you great ideas on how to connect with tons of people in your community. Please watch this one with the entire team for great results!

“The Best Collection of Letters and Forms to Use in Your Dental Office” by The Madow Brothers – We have personally written some of the best letters that you can use in your practice! You will not find these on your practice management software. No way!

A great article (written by The Madow Brothers) that you can modify for your office to send out to your patients via newsletter, email, blog, Facebook, etc. Communicating with your patients regularly is something we want you to pay strict attention to from now on! This will be a great start!