New Patient Telephone Flow Chart

telephone flow chart

New Patient Telephone Flow Chart

In 99% of our mystery shopper calls, things don’t end up very well. Well – don’t worry – in this week’s episode we present a new patient telephone flow chart guaranteed to get potential new patients off the phone and into the appointment book. It’s called “The ALASKA System” and you can’t afford to miss it!  Then, you guessed it, we do some secret shopper calls and everything goes horribly wrong! One thing’s for sure – you’ll learn a lot when you listen, so don’t miss it!

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Highlights of “New Patient Telephone Flow Chart”

0:18 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the podcast by saying how wonderful it would be to have a telephone flow chart to answer any kind of question that comes up in your dental practice.

1:25 – Want to save money for your dental practice?  Switch to FattMerchant for all your credit card transactions and save tons of money.  Check out madow.com/save

2:53 – Rich talks about the last 75 episodes of the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast but never talked about a flow chart for making telephone calls.  On this episode Rich will talk about the flow chart to use for just about any phone call.  Have you hear about the ALASKA flow chart?  Check it out.  Rich goes into all the details for “The ALASKA System”.

Here is a break down:

A – Answer | L – Listen | A – Analyze | S – Solve | K – Kindness | A – Action/Appointment

16:06 – Rich suggests to use this in your next dental meeting and go over it as a team.  Most patients are running out the door.  Use this system to stop that from happening.

16:58 – Rich talks about the Dental Practice Snapshot to learn more about your dental office.  Learn what is working and what is not.  Check out madow.com/snapshot.

18:01 – Rich makes the first secret shopper phone call. The question is “Do you do tooth whitening?”

19:01 – Dr. Madow talks about what happens and what she really didn’t do well.  Did she even ask who he was? Check it out.

20:00 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

23:29 – This caller was over 3 minutes on explaining all the details but didn’t want to schedule him in.  Way too detailed!  Listen to what Dr. Madow had to say about this caller.

24:51 – Rich makes the third secret shopper call.

25:50 – This caller almost had Rich scheduled but only asked the yes or no question.  The fee wasn’t necessary to share.  This caller was better than the other two.  Grade: C+

26:53 – Everyone on the team should know how to make these calls and how to use “The ALASKA System” for the telephone flow chart.  Rich thanks everyone for listening to the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  Don’t forget to subscribe!


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