Attract New Patients with Dental Practice Leads Management

Our new patient plan helps your dental practice attract and retain new customers with efficient marketing and effective lead management.

The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success has been helping dental healthcare practitioners achieve their goals for over 30 years.  Our leads management strategy is supported by excellent resources, like our weekly podcast and coaching sessions.  With our help, you and your staff can hone their skills you need to provide your patients with top-notch services and experience.

Your One Stop Solution for New Patients …

  • Allows you to concentrate on your practice while we focus on getting you new patients
  • The most comprehensive new patient marketing program in dentistry today!
  • Doesn’t leave any new patient lead behind!
  • Exactly what you have been waiting for!
  • The BEST way to get new patients!

Here’s What You Get!

Landing Page

A customized web page is designed especially for new patients. Potential new patients are directed to capture all your potential leads.

Call Tracking

All calls to the tracking number can be recorded if you like as well to assess the effectiveness of your front desk team in converting calls to appointments! You will be able to track your new patient progress.


Direct mail is the backbone. Mail is still extremely relevant and powerful. Look at your mailbox every single day and you will certainly agree.

Facebook Ads

Households in the targeted area will receive an ad directed at them when they open their Facebook feed. Facebook ads are very powerful, and remember, almost EVERYONE uses Facebook so these will be seen!

Google Banner Ads & Keyword Search Optimization

When someone is looking for a new dentist in your area we have ALL of the bases covered and nothing is left out. So we will hit them with banner ads as they are browsing the web. YOU are the one that shows up in the search through keyword optimization!

Follow Up To Website Clicks

We will capture the data of who is clicking on the Facebook ads by using something called a “pixel.” You don’t have to understand the technology, but suffice it to say that once someone clicks on your ad, they will be followed around online (not stalked in real life!) and constantly reminded about you and your offer!

The Total New Dental Patient Plan is customized for your dental practice.

Extremely affordable — pricing is based upon your needs and your targeted area.

Chat with one of our New Patient specialists for a complimentary marketing analysis.

No commitments, no pressure!