NFTs And The Dental Office

NFTs are all over the news these days, and believe it or not, they have important implications for your dental practice. Some say they are great investments, others say they are the future of collectibles, and of course many think they are a total scam.

But wait a minute – this isn’t about Non-Fungible Tokens. Or Network Fault Tolerance. Or the Narrow Field Telescope, or something I’ve wanted to say a thousand times – No Further Texting!

No, the NFT I’m talking about is the
plague of many dental practices,
and it roughly stands for “No Flippin’ Time!” 

For example, “We have a patient with an emergency, and there is NFT in the schedule!” That’s why we recommend dedicated emergency / new patient time in the schedule every single day.Or “I know we have 463 patients who need to be reactivated, but there is NFT for anyone to do it!” Well sorry, reactivation campaigns can’t be done haphazardly. Someone in the office needs to be given a block of time, say two hours every week, where reactivation is their job! Doing it during “down time” just doesn’t work.

And if you’re a dentist who knows you need to spend some time to “work on your practice, not in your practice,” well you probably don’t do it because you feel like you have NFT. The only way to remedy that is to plan actual time to do the non-clinical things you need to do, away from the chair.

Worst of all is, “I’d like to enjoy my life, but because of this dental practice I have NFT!” That is not only sad, it’s unacceptable. If you’re a practice owner and are feeling that way, we need to talk! Just

Text CHAT to 443-312-2014 and we can help. I’ll personally get on the phone or Zoom with you and give you some good strategies. Learn about how Madow Coaching can take your practice to the next level. https://www.madow.com/coaching-for-dental-practices/

And if you think you have NFT for even a good laugh, just remember, this actual NFT sold for over $23 million!

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