Now This is Important!

How would you and your team like to spend the day with The Madow Brothers LIVE in your office? We will take a look at what is going on and then brainstorm so many ideas with you that your heads will be spinning.  Not only that, we will help you turn these ideas into action and GREATLY increase your profitability and income!

Translation = you will make more money!

The Madow Brothers are different. If you think that Jim, Bill, Roger, Sally or Cathy could do what we do… well, you better THINK AGAIN!!!

Are you and your entire team ready to crank it up a notch? Then call us. “We can help you!”

Two things you need to know:

1. Our full day fee is going up on January 1, 2012.  But if you call before Jan 1, you get locked in to the 2011 fee! It will be the BEST day you and your team ever spend in dentistry!
2. Our schedules are REALLY full. Between our own seminars, our speaking engagements and our in-office coaching and training, we have a crazy 2012 coming up. The point is if you want to have us come in and grow your practice, call now rather than later.
3. Oh yeah, one more thing even though we said only two things! We have some cool new options as far as booking us for a full day. One option includes you traveling to see us and getting an INCREDIBLE break on our daily fee!

Call us as soon as humanly possible at 1-888-88-MADOW so we can figure out your best plan. If you at least get a message through to us before Jan 1, 2012 we will honor the 2011 fee even if we don’t connect until January!

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