Six Crucial Steps to Growing Your Business Outside of Clinical Dentistry!

Suppose you had an idea to grow a side business outside of clinical dentistry? Where would you start? How would you go about it?

Any ideas?

We may have the answers for you!

As you probably know, over the last 26 years we have had (and continue to have) an awesome time speaking to dental audiences all across North America. We love inspiring, motivating and creating success stories. And for some reason, the most commonly asked question we receive when we leave the stage is something like…

“It looks like you guys are having so much fun up there. I want to be a speaker. I want to do what you guys are doing. Can you help me?”

And up until now, we have not had a great answer.

Nor did we have a great answer for you if you told us you wanted to become a consultant. Or if you had an idea for a product or a service. Or wanted to write a book. Or anything else.

And we apologize for that.

But after coaching and mentoring a couple of dentist friends over the last few years and teaching them some of the little known secrets, and watching their speaking and consulting businesses grow like crazy, we realized that we may have something that no one else in dentistry has.

The magic formula to teach others how to grow a side businesses outside of clinical dentistry!

And we are prepared to share six crucial steps that you MUST know and understand before embarking on a side business, whatever it
may be!

If this message has resonated with you in any way whatsoever, watch this webinar that was just watched by hundreds of people:

“Six Crucial Steps to Growing Your Business Outside of Clinical Dentistry!”