October Ideas from Coach Betty

October Ideas for Dental Marketing

Here we are in the final quarter of this interesting year.
There is still some time to take steps to ensure that you end the year strong, and here are some ideas with you to help you do just that. These are ideas that when implemented will keep things fresh and fun in your office. More importantly, they will exceed your current patients and  potential patients’ expectations which will allow you to focus on doing what you do best – helping your patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles!

October Ideas for Dental Marketing, Leadership, Management,
and Tips and Ideas.

Leadership ~

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” — Dolly Parton


Boss’s Day is October 16th 
Plan now to make this day special for your boss(es).

October is National Dental Hygiene Month –

All month long share posts on your social media platforms regarding the importance of regular preventive dental visits. You can also create and share quick videos on dental health tips and how-to demonstrations (ie: flossing & brushing).

October is also National Orthodontic Health Month –

  • Dental Hygiene with Braces – Share posts, pictures, and videos on your social media platforms and your Google My Business listing all about how to care for your teeth with braces, how to care for your clear aligners, and how to care for your retainers.
  • Braces Friendly Candy – Share on your social media platforms what candy to avoid and what snacks/treats are braces friendly.
  • Invisalign – Use this as an opportunity to promote Invisalign. This time of year, people are thinking about gift ideas and want to get their smile camera-ready for their end of year parties.

The Month of October is Apple Month

Create a hand-out for your patients listing the best local cider mills and apple orchards. Include any fall-themed events taking place in your community. You can also post local fall-themed community events to your office Facebook page.

Patient & Community Dental Health Education Idea:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also in the Month of October
Your dental practice choosing to support Breast Cancer Awareness month is a great way to show your patients and the community that you care.

  • Collect donations for a charity
  • Production & Product Sales – (Portion of sales will be donated to… )
  • Community – Get involved with a local BCA event(s).
  • Wear Pink and encourage your patients to wear pink/post pictures to your social media pages.

Social Media Post Ideas to Improve Engagement during the month of October ~

12th: National Kick Butt Day
24th: Make A Difference Day
28th: National Chocolate Day

Betty Hayden is the lead coach at The Madow Center For Dental Practice Success. She has over 25 years of experience in the dental profession. Her expertise is in effective telephone answering techniques, profitable scheduling, marketing campaigns, communication, social media, new patient acquisition, practice growth, and much more. She is called “The Idea Woman” because she grows practices!

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