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Oh Shoot – You’re A New Patient?

By July 17, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes
you're a new patient

Oh Shoot – You’re A New Patient?

In this episode of “Oh Shoot – You’re a New Patient,” featuring special guest co-host Betty Hayden, The Dental Practice Fixers make three “Secret Shopper” calls with what should be an easy question – “Are you in network with Delta?” In all three cases the answer was “YES!” But you wouldn’t believe what happened next, including a Dental Practice Fixers first!

Then we have a great listener question about gifts for patients who refer.  Our special guest Betty gives some fantastic advice!

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Highlights from “Oh Shoot – You’re A New Patient?”

0:14 – Rich poses the question that a new patients asks. Are you in the network with Delta?

0:47 – Rich introduces his co-host for today’s podcast:  Betty Hayden

2:06 – FattMerchant is the choice of the Madow Center for credit card processing.  Check it out at

3:00 – A listener asked a question on last week’s podcast.  A great employee but posting on her personal Facebook page that was risque.  Rich asks Betty what she thinks about that question.

3:40 – Coach Betty gives her comments about this. Some important questions to think about while running your dental practice office.

5:15 – Rich shares something that his dental practice always lived by: No Rated R conversations even though we are all adults.

5:45 – What do you do when a patient asks you about a political party?  What happens when an employee posts this on their social media?

5:55 – Coach Betty gives her suggestions about what to do.

6:44 – Rich has a saying about this.  Check it out.

7:07 – Dr. Rich Madow asks a good friend that is a Dental Practice HR Expert.  Listen to what he says about what to do.

7:30 – Dr. Rich says here is the key.

7:37 – Coach Betty mentions office guidelines is essential.

8:48 – Rich asks a listener question to discuss.  What patient gift would be appropriate for an older crowd and to get more referrals.

9:40 – Betty gives her suggestions on this important question. If you want more referrals, follow this tip.

12:40 – Betty mentions about a big ticket item with a drawing.  Here is a good idea as well that would help with referrals.  Listen to this idea.

14:05 – Rich talks about a hand-written note.

15:53 – Coach Betty tells a story of a personal note.

16:35 – Rich tells about a person who really loves their dentist.  Rich asks why and they said the dentist had a really good memory.  Are you making notes on the Blue sheet.

17:23 – Rich makes the first secret shopper call.

18:38 – Rich and Betty share their thoughts.

19:00 – Betty talks about these calls and how these are new patients calling a dental practice.  Greatest opportunity ever.

20:10 – No effort was made to get an appointment. Rich gives his suggestions on what the caller could have said.

21:43 – Second caller starts

22:26 – Rich mentions the caller curses right after she answers.

23:30 – Rich and Betty talks about what the caller did wrong and what she could have said to make this a new patient.

26:11 – Third caller starts

27:25 – Rich and Betty talk about this caller and some major issues that many dentist offices are running into during the COVID-19 pandemic.

28:50 – Coach Betty gives this important advice for getting new patients in your dental practice.

30:12 – Coach Betty gives this one very simple advice for dental offices.  Most dental offices do not follow this but should right away.  Proper training with the Madow Center is helping dental practices all around the USA.

33:20 – Rich asks the question: What can a dental office do if they can’t get a new patient in for two months?

33:26 – Betty gives her advice on Rich’s question.

35:00 – Share this podcast with others.  This was really good advice from Dr. Rich and Coach Betty to help increase your new patients and what to say at your dental practice.

35:45 – Interested in working with the Madow Center? Check out

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