Once They Start Texting – Part One

What would you think if you took your spouse or your significant other to a beautiful romantic dinner and halfway through the meal, she (he) started texting a friend?

How about if you were taking a piano lesson and while you were playing a beautiful piece that you had been working on so diligently, you look up only to see your teacher texting?

You are going through a rough divorce and you catch your lawyer texting under the table during the trial.

You are speaking to a patient about necessary treatment. You think you are getting your message across and all of a sudden your patient gets on their smartphone and begins texting.

Well guess what?

once they start texting, they are gone
and there is very little chance of a recovery!

How do you avoid this “texting” from happening in your practice? How do you keep your patients engaged?

It’s called communication and people skills! Please listen: you can be the best damn dentist in your area (skillwise) but if you and your team do not understand how to communicate with your patients, then your practice could be in big trouble.

Rule #1. Speak to your patients regularly!

Rule #2.  When you or anyone on your team are speaking to a patient – smile, look them in the eye, do not speak over their level and act like they are the ONLY person that matters. Because it’s true. They ARE the only person that matters at that particular point in time. If you just follow these simple rules, you will make out fine in over 99% of the cases. Break the rules and see what happens. They will “start texting.” And then you lost them.

If there is any way we can help you with YOUR communication skills, please let us know. Two things you may want to find out more about are how to communicate better on the telephone (our Profitable Scheduling) and how to communicate better through Social Media. We can help you with either or both! Give us a call today. We’re here and our phones are on! And we will NOT be texting while we are talking to you! You are the ONLY thing that matters to us. Try us! 😉

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