One Of The Coolest Products We Have Seen In A Long Time!

We love cool dental products, especially when they can make your patients happy, get them to brag about your practice, and increase your revenue!

One of the coolest things we have seen in a long time is the “Chic Flic” pen from Whiter Image. It’s a whitening pen packaged like a cosmetic product (think high-end lipstick or mascara) which also has “lip plumper” gel on the opposite side of the whitening pen.

Lip plumper? It is like a collagen injection without the needles and minus the risk of looking like Donatella Versace.

The packaging is incredible – it has little mirrors on each side and a light that goes on when you slide a tiny switch.  

Now just imagine what would happen if after a new patient appointment or hygiene visit, instead of giving your patient a little bag with some toothpaste and floss (which they don’t use anyway) you gave them one of these!

Would it show everyone that you are the coolest, most progressive dental practice around? Check.

Will they actually use the whitening pen? Check.

Would they talk about it like crazy? Show all of their friends? Use it in public? Check, check, check.

The best thing is, they are really inexpensive and can do so much for your practice!

Of course, you don’t have to give them away; many dental practices sell them as a retail product. But we love the idea of giving them away.

To learn more, give our friends at Whiter Image a call at 1.877.944.8330. They also have one of the best, least expensive take-home whitening kits we have ever seen!

Tell them that The Madow Brothers sent you and not only will they treat you extra special, they’ll give you a FREE Chic-Flic and fifty dollars worth of promotional stuff for your practice if you purchase a dozen Chic-Flics. Great deal!

Give them a call now at 1.877.944.8330. They definitely have a TOTAL whitening solution for the smart dentist – great products, excellent pricing, and marketing know-how.


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