Our patients are sooooooo insurance driven.

Our patients are sooooooo insurance driven.

(Does my insurance cover that?)


“Our patients are sooooooo insurance driven.”

“They only want it if insurance covers it.”

“If they would just take insurance out of the equation, treatment acceptance would be so different!”

We hear things like this from dentists and team members all the time. And it’s probably true.

Yet there is always a practice nearby, seeing patients of the same demographic, in the same community, with the same insurance plans, and their patients do NOT typically make decisions based on insurance coverage.

Patients are not insurance-driven, but many PRACTICES are!

How do I know? We have helped many dentists and teams get over the insurance dependence mindset. Their patient pool didn’t change, but the knowledge and attitude of the practice did. The point is, if you think your patients are insurance drivien, it’s time to look at what is making them that way.

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