Overpriced And Crowded

People always complain that their coffee is overpriced; yet Starbucks is constantly packed!

Sure – it starts with an excellent product, but their success is mainly about the high level of service they provide.

Do they really need to write your name on the cup and call it out when it is ready? No way! They could easily just yell out “Tall Decaf Americano!!” It may even be more accurate!

But at Starbucks they know how to personalize the experience.

Do you ever see a sign at Starbucks that says “Restrooms are for customers only?” Never. They know how to make everyone feel welcome.

Do you always get a smile and a friendly greeting from the barista and cashier? It’s pretty darn consistent.

So to the folks at Starbucks, it’s never “just a cup of coffee” – it’s an experience.

Remember, a crown prep or an exam and prophy may be “just a cup of coffee” to us, but to our patients it is a big deal. They may be nervous, anxious, or fearful. And it’s up to us to make a HUGE deal of their comfort and understanding – and to give them an extremely pleasant experience.


After all, wouldn’t you like to be like Starbucks – overpriced and crowded??

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