Pain-In-Th?e-A** Patients

Let’s face it – some patients are just a complete pain in the ass.

We coddle them, baby them, bend over a thousand times for them – and eventually some of them appreciate what we do.

We spend a highly disproportionate amount of time trying to please these people, or at the very least reason with them. And sometimes it actually seems as if it is worth the valiant effort.

But if the very small amount of patients who are true PITAs – despite the overhead killing amount of time we invest in them – all left our practices, the net result would be neutral, or maybe even positive. Yet this group of people takes up so much of our time and energy.

There is another group of patients – a much larger group – that doesn’t really take up much of our time. They don’t whine and complain, they don’t ask a lot of stupid annoying questions, and they aren’t a stress on our mental health. As a matter of fact, we hardly notice them at all. And that is the problem.

There are superstar patients and there are horrible patients – but these extremes don’t take up much room in our practices. The majority of patients kind of float by in a cloud of anonymity. They are “good” people, but nothing really makes them stand out. And this group – this nameless faceless group of nice people – are the ones who make up the bulk of our practices and contribute the most to our well being. Yet because they are neither superstars nor complainers, they don’t get much of our attention.

But just imagine what would happen if a decent percentage of this group began to realize how much they are valued, how important they are, and how much they mean to your practice?

Imagine what would happen if your “average” patient stepped it up a notch and started referring others, started having more high-end treatment performed, and became just a tiny bit more active in your practice. It would be a dental dream come true!!

So why waste time on the PITAs? Don’t let them hog your resources! Show the everyday patient how much you care. Give them the attention that the practice missionaries and the wheel squeakers get. After all – they deserve it and so do you!!

Go ahead – give it a try! Let the “typical” patient know how much you care. It may just be one of the best things you ever did for your practice!

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