Patient Care In A Dental Office: A Very Important Dental Practice Lesson…

Patient Care In A Dental Office

I actually pay a pretty substantial quarterly fee just for the privilege of being a patient of my internist, or as my mom calls him, my “fancy schmancy doctor.” He is what some may refer to as a “concierge doctor” through a group called MDVIP, and the personal service is so great I feel it’s worth every penny. So how does this relate to patient care in a dental office?

It wasn’t always that way. I was a patient of Dr. B. for many years, and although I was just one of many patients, I always felt like he cared greatly for me, respected my time, and made himself available when I needed him. (Plus, he’s a great doctor!)

Then one day I got a letter saying that he was becoming an “MDVIP” and I had to essentially put up or shut up. Well, there was no way in the world I was switching doctors, so I became a member, paying a fee just to be his patient!

In a way it was like he dropped a PPO. I made a conscious decision to pay more because I wanted to remain a patient there. But it started with his incredible service, knowledge, kindness, and making every patient feel like a VIP, even me! Now I’m sure when this change happened he lost some patients. But he didn’t lose me or many others. As a matter of fact, within two days of making the announcement he was full up! So it can happen. But it starts with making every patient feel special, and that’s our responsibility!

Even if you don’t want to drop a PPO or two, you certainly want your patients to stay, refer, etc…. So take the first step. Make every patient a VIP. Yes, even that patient!!

Have you been thinking about reaching out for help with your practice but you’re hesitant? Don’t worry! There is no issue that I haven’t heard or probably even experienced myself! You’ll talk directly to ME (Dr. Rich Madow) and our call will be 100% confidential.

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