Do your patients really want freedom of choice?

Is freedom of choice hurting your practice’s bottom line?

In 1980, the great Devo song Freedom Of Choice declared:

“Freedom of choice is what you got
Freedom from choice is what you want!”

Let’s move to this morning.

5:30 AM – on the elliptical machine, frozen. Why? The all-important decision – what music to listen to. If you have Spotify or another streaming app on your phone, you have pretty much every piece of modern music ever made available right at your fingertips, rendering the decision “What should I listen to this morning?” pretty much impossible.

If you’re a baby boomer, you certainly remember the day when your TV choices were pretty much limited to three channels – and that was great! Even in 1992 Bruce Springsteen realized there were “57 channels and nothin’ on!”
Many millennials who use dating sites such as report that it makes finding a boyfriend or girlfriend extremely difficult, because with hundreds of choices available, you’re always looking over your shoulder for the next date. “Sure – I like this person, but will lovesdogs347 be better?”
We have so much freedom of choice these days – but is it always a good thing? Maybe not when it comes to your patients!

The fact is, people love to be led. When they have a relationship with a trusted professional, they like to be told what to do. So while it’s tempting to thoroughly discuss a bevy of options, in most cases the best thing to say to a patient is…

“I see what the problem is, and this is how we fix it.”
Boom. That’s it.

“Freedom of choice is what you got
Freedom from choice is what you want!”