Patients Won’t Call Back If You Do This…..

We all know that one of the most important and profitable projects you can do in your dental office is to go through your file cabinet and “reactivate” patients who have not been in for over a year or any patient that does not have a hygiene appointment scheduled.

This exercise alone can fill your appointment book and bring in tons of treatment that would have fallen through the cracks.

The problem is, when you call the patient and get voice-mail, they never return the call! Here’s why.

A typical office will say something like:

“Hello, this is Dr. Curry’s office calling for Jane. We noticed that you are way overdue for your cleaning appointment. Please call 555-4288 so that we may schedule you right away.”

And of course, they never call back.

Then some fancy-pants consultant suggests you add a line like “We are concerned about your dental health and want you to keep your teeth for a lifetime, so please give us a call.”

You try that, but it doesn’t work either. The problem? You have not created any urgency or mystique.

So next time you make a call of this nature (and you should be going through charts and making them every single day!!) – try this:

“Hello, this is Dr. Curry’s office calling for Jane. It is very important that you call us as soon as possible at 555-4288.”

See the difference? It’s a big one!! You haven’t given the plot away! This little mystery will cause your inactive patients to pick up the phone and call you right away!

This one tip alone should be worth tens of thousands of dollars in treatment that you will schedule with these patients! So please use it – it’s a good one!

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