Plastics. | An Important Lesson

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Plastics. | An Important Lesson For Your Dental Practice

We’re not soda drinkers here at The Madow Center, but we certainly know what a two liter soda bottle looks like.  Check out this important lesson for your dental practice.

First designed in 1970 by PepsiCo, the two-liter bottle has been the mainstay of Super Bowl parties, family picnics, and tooth decay for decades. And it’s just been announced that the bottle is about to have its first major redesign.

The folks at Pepsi say that the soon-to-be-released thinner, taller shape with the indented area makes it much easier to grip, pour and balance, and their consumer testers very much agreed. The part we like is that the new bottle will use less plastic. Chances are it will stand out on the grocery store shelves. So it looks like Pepsi has a winner. It probably won’t be long before the folks at Coke come up with an answer to this.

But why the heck are we even talking about this?

Let’s face it – even though soda (or “pop” for our friends in the midwest) is overpriced, unhealthy sugar water with no redeeming value, it’s a huge business. And the two liter bottle is an incredibly successful product – equal to the 12 ounce can in volume sold. But someone at Pepsi wasn’t satisfied with that and wanted to shake things up.

No doubt about it – there are things in your dental practice that are working just fine. Your recall system, your treatment plan presentation strategy, your new patient flow, etc… But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little shaking up! If you have been doing something the same way for a number of years, there is an excellent chance it could be done better – even if things seem to be working.

Who the heck would ever think that the classic two-liter soda bottle needed a redesign? Mauro Porcini, chief design officer at Pepsi, that’s who! Now who’s going to be the Mauro Porcini in YOUR practice?

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