Practice This

You have most likely heard the answer to the age old question “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”


Yes, the answer is as simple as that!

How about your dental office? Do you strive to be the very best? What do you “practice?”

The Madow Brothers say that your practice success comes from 10% clinical and 90% communication. Now don’t get down on us… of course you need to have the very best clinical skills possible. It’s crucial.

But no matter how good your clinical skills are, your practice will not survive without proper communication with your patients and prospective patients. True.

Here is what we would like you to commit to. Make a list of the ten most common questions your callers and patients are asking you. Go ahead, write them down. Now over the next couple of months, get the entire office to come up with the best possible answers to these questions. Practice saying them. Everyone must participate. Do it until everyone can answer these questions perfectly. Practice until the answers are burned into your brains! Not until you do this will you be on the right track.

Then we just may see you at Carnegie Hall!

By the way, feel free to email us your very own list of “difficult questions.” We would love to see what you come up with. Will the first one be “How much is a cleaning?”

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