Your practice can be worth millions!

Frustrated that your practice is not moving forward as quickly as you think it should be? Here are five great ways to use our famous Million Dollar Bills to get tons of a en on and grow your practice very inexpensively! EVERYONE notices the Million Dollar Bill.

  1. Use the Million Dollar Bill as an appointment card and watch your cancellations and no-shows diminish!

    Did you know that you can have the back of the Million Dollar Bill customized as an office appointment card? Start using it instead of the old boring appointment cards and see what happens!

  2. Give a Million Dollar Bill to your waitress!

    Try this one: After a good meal in a restaurant, leave a signed Million Dollar Bill in the tray along with a good tip. Sign the back of the bill something like…

    “Sally, thanks for the excellent service today! You rock! Dr. Ross.”

    You will be remembered as “The Million Dollar Dentist” forever at the restaurant! And should anyone ever be looking for a dentist, guess who they are calling?

  3. Use the Million Dollar Bill as your business card!

    Just like the appointment card above, you can have your business card information printed on the back of the Million Dollar Bill. How many people do you think the average person will show this to?

  4. Send a Million Dollar Bill to someone who refers a new patient to you!

    This is a great little special addition to a thank you note! You could even say something like “Your referral is worth a Million Dollars!” or something similar.

  5. Take them to the grocery store and do this!

    Here’s a great one to try. Have your office information printed on the back of the bill along with an o er such as “Free Teeth Whitening,” or “Free Initial Exam,” or “We Gladly Accept New Patients,” or something similar. Then take a stack of the bills to the most crowded grocery store near your office and start to “drop” them on the floor all over the store. What do you think will happen? Who makes most of the dental appointments for the family? Now you got it! Just don’t tell them you heard the idea from us!

    There are many more things you can do with the Million Dollar Bills! Please share something that works for you and we may just publish it! But however you plan to use them, get a fast start and order a supply today!