Slow paying patients all of a sudden come in and pay their past due bills in CASH!

This “Magic Form” has helped dental offices all across North America collect millions of dollars.

Times were tough. There was a terrible recession going on. Interest rates were sky high, the stock market was spiraling downhill, people were losing their homes… all
in all it was a gigantic mess out there that lasted many years.

In addition to the above, it was an extremely difficult me not only to get patients to accept treatment, but to pay their bills. Our office checkbook was o en in the red. We became experts at juggling bills. And as you may know, landlords, labs, suppliers, banks, as well as staff members don’t really want to hear that money is tight. They want to get paid on me.

Enter the “Form.”

Slow paying patients were killing our bottom line. They were taking advantage of us and getting away with it. We knew if we could just come up with a solution to this madness and figure out a way to get patients to open their wallets and pay what they owed, we could get through this tough time.

So with some very careful research and planning, we designed a little form that we believed could solve some of our collection problems. We sent out a small “test” to some of our worst non-paying patients. A week later when two very large checks came in the mail, we were amazed! But it gets be er. The very next day a woman came in and placed four crisp one hundred dollar bills on the counter, begging us NOT to take any further ac on. This was payment in full for a debt that was way overdue!

This form was working!!!

We started referring to this as the “Magic Form”! It was “magic” because practically every me we put one in the mail, money would come back to us! We even began sharing it with some dentist friends. This “Magic Form” ultimately became famous for dentists all over the country.

Fast forward to the present me.

We are experiencing some of the toughest times ever in terms of slow-paying patients. Let’s face it, when it comes down to paying the rent, the mortgage or the dentist, guess who will not get paid!!! If you think you’ve got outstanding past- due accounts now, just you wait. It’s going to get a lot worse.

The #207 Statement of Delinquency form could be the answer that you have been looking for. It works easily without having to give any commissions to greedy attorneys or collection agencies. We suggest ordering a supply of the “Magic Forms” and matching envelopes right now!

Our goal is to end your collection problems forever! When you order, we will include not only the magic forms and envelopes; you will also receive invaluable tips on how to collect your overdue accounts. Don’t waste your time reading useless books or downloading generic templates that you find online! Order the “Magic Form Package” and you can start attacking your receivables immediately. This could be one of the best little investments you ever make in your practice!

Statement of
Delinquency Forms

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PACKAGE: Delinquency Forms & Matching Envelopes

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