Easy to use…

Cost Saving…

Total Maintenance of YOUR Evacuation System!

Infection Control at it’s BEST!

VacuTab Kit

VacuTab Kit Combines both products (VacuShock™ and VacuClear™) including detailed instruction, to provide total evacuation system needs all-in-one!

Combined use of VacuShock™ and VacuClear ™ restores the vacuum line flow and pressure, and extends the life of evacuation equipment, and pumps.
With recommended usage, a VacuTab Kit is enough to clear out a two-op office and have it run smoothly for around three months.


VacuShock™ Tablets: A maximum strength, large yellow tablet used for initial cleaning and sanitizing of your vacuum system. VacuShock™ will break up and remove old aged buildup time has allowed to produce deep in vacuum lines. Non-Toxic Non-Corrosive , and Non-Foaming. Releases a concentrated, anti-microbial agent, removing biofilm, fluorides, amalgam, hard water deposits, and all cross-contamination leaving your vacuum-lines like new!

Six tablets per jar.

Follow up with VacuClear™


VacuClear™ Time-Released vacuum line maintenance tablets. Our state of the art method eliminates end of the day vacuum-line flushing for good! Used once to twice a week. Sanitizes and neutralizes contaminates on contact. Removes odors, These time-release vacuum tablets provide continuous, self-activating care of both high and low volume


45 tabs/treatments per jar

The tablet that will take your vacuum system from an embarrassing gurgle to a magnificent ROAR!

Eliminate daily line rinsing for good!

Total maintenance of YOUR evacuation system!


Would you knowingly have a breeding ground for infection in your dental practice? Of course not. But you possibly have one and don’t even know it!

If you don’t completely clean your suction system between each and every patient, there’s all kinds of bacterial yuck clinging to your lines – and it’s in there partying, multiplying, and possibly back- owing right into your treatment room.

That’s one of the many reasons we love and recommend VacuTab. It’s the best system out there for keeping your lines clean and your suction running smoothly. And most importantly, it’s the only product we know of that is me- released and continually keeps things clean all day long. It even eliminates the need for that dreaded (and often- skipped) end-of-the-day cleaning.

Simply put, VacuTab is the absolute best product for keeping your lines clean and your suction running smoothly. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and has go en “Best In Class” reviews from the major dental evaluation companies. And it totally replaces PureVac or whatever other inefficient overpriced product you are currently using! It is non-foaming, non-corrosive, and even works on dry suction units!

You will be amazed at what comes out of your vacuum system when you use VacuTab for the first time! And it’s simple to maintain it and keep your suction at full strength!

You will be clog free and happy!

Order the starter kit, which will supply enough tablets that you will need for two operatories for three months! You will be amazed at what comes out of your vacuum system when you “shock” it — and how easy it is to maintain it and keep your suction at full strength.

Product: VacuTab Starter Kit Price: $59.00