Quick one-question quiz and lesson

Okay – here is your quick quiz for the day:

Which car brand is the safest?

If you’re like most people, you said Volvo.

And while Volvo certainly makes very safe cars, according to the latest data by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety they are not even close to the safest. Of the thirteen categories ranked by the IIHS, only one Volvo, the S60, made it into the top five in any of the categories – and in that one it was number five!

One of the reasons Volvos are considered to be very safe is their dedication to safety research and innovation.

Way back in 1959 they were the first car brand to offer the three-point seat belt, the “shoulder harness” style strap which we all take for granted today.  This innovation is considered one of the greatest safety inventions of the last century and is estimated to have saved over a million lives!

A 1963 Volvo PV544, similar to the one owned
by our grandfather, Dr. Paul Schenker
So just what did Volvo do after all of their research, investment and inventiveness? Surely the patent on the three-point seat belt would put their cars in a league of their own, or possibly bring in billions in licensing rights from other manufacturers.

But our Swedish friends at Volvo were so dedicated to safety they decided to give away the license to any car manufacturer who wanted to use it – for free!

What did that do to diminish their reputation as the safest car? Not a thing! Over half a century later Volvo is still considered by most to be the leader in automobile safety.

Interesting story, but what does that have to do with running a dental practice?

Many times we tend to be guarded about information, fearing if the other dentists in the community find out about our latest marketing strategy or the great new seminar we discovered, it will diminish our success. After all, why share secrets with the competition?

In fact, the opposite is true. Sharing ideas with your peers, or “masterminding,” is one of the most powerful success concepts in the world.

We encourage you to contact some colleagues and form a “Dental Mastermind Group.” You can even give it a clever name like the one we started many years ago – “The Maryland Bridge Club!” (The only problem was when we showed up for our meetings the restaurant would invariably have tables of four with playing cards set up….)

But it doesn’t matter what you call it – the main thing is that you do it. Come on – someone has to take the initiative – it may as well be you!!

The meetings don’t need to be formal. Just have some kind of system like everyone brings one idea to share or one problem to discuss. Once the conversation starts to flow, you will be amazed what you learn. And then – everyone benefits!!