A very short time ago The Madow Brothers were out of town driving their rental car back to the airport after one of their best “Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper” seminars ever. They had a flight to catch and they were running late. As they were driving along, the nice lady on the navigation system said “in one half mile, make a right.” The brothers looked at each other, knowing in their hearts this was not correct, and decided to continue straight. When they passed the street that they were instructed to make the right on, the navi lady seemed to become upset.

“Recalculating!”    “Make a u-turn as soon as possible,” she said.

As her instructions were ignored, she seemed to become more and more irate.

The brothers stayed their course and wound up making it to the airport with time to spare. Where would they have wound up if they had not trusted their guts and listened to the pissed off navi lady? No one knows!

How about you? Are there things that you know in your heart you would like to do, but some other voices are telling you not to? Are you always listening to that little 3 x 4 inch box instead of actually trusting yourself?

You believe that if you purchase a laser for your practice, you could REALLY become the “no-drill-go-to dentist,” and blast the competition in your area. But your spouse is telling you not to do it?

You know for sure that you finally need to get a nice digital radiography system but the hygienist that has been with you for 200 years tells you she’ll quit if you get it because she likes doing it the old way?

“Recalculating!” “Recalculating!” “Recalculating!”

Isn’t it about time you followed your gut? The Madow Brothers did!

(Today’s article was inspired by our friend Seth Godin)

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