Retiring Hygienist Wreaks Havoc!


Retiring Hygienist Wreaks Havoc!

In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers we start with a great listener question. A retiring hygienist “jots down” the names and contact info of some patients (without their permission) and then moves out of town. Is this a HIPAA violation? Is it truly nefarious? How much damage can she do? We answer this question and more!
Then on our secret shopper calls we pose as a patient who thinks they are in need of a dental implant. Should be a pretty easy one, right? WRONG! You won’t believe how badly these calls were botched!

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Highlights from “Retiring Hygienist Wreaks Havoc!”

0:10 – Dr. Richard Madow welcomes listeners and viewers to this episode of the Dental Practice Fixers podcast.  Today’s episode will discuss a retiring hygienist and how it affected this dental office.

1:04 – Rich shares with his listeners that he bought a new car.  Why is he telling us?  Because he got it free with the money he saved from switching to STAX.  If you would like to save money as well then click on madow.com/save

2:42 – Rich reads the listener’s question and what happened with the dental hygienist.  She retired after 21 years and took some clients phone numbers to keep in touch and didn’t know if this was a HIPPA violation and asked for advice on what to do.

4:17 – Rich gets advice from Layne that helps with things such as these.  Rich shares what she said about this situation.  Check it out.

8:06 – If you have a HIPPA question or something similar please reach out to her at laneykay.com

8:20 – If you want to find out what is going on with your office, reach out to madow.com/snapshot and if you have any question about what it like, reach out to Dr. Madow at Rich@madow.com

9:31 – Rich moves on to the secret shopper calls.  The question for these dental offices will be asked is how much for a dental implant.

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