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Risque Social Media and Gaggers!

By July 11, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes

Risque Social Media and Gaggers!

In this episode, featuring special guest co-host Dr. Mitchell Josephs, The Dental Practice Fixers tackle a difficult question – “Is it okay for team members to post R-rated things on their personal social media sites?” Plus, do you have gaggers calling your dental office? We make three secret shopper calls with the same premise – “I need a few crowns, but I’m a bit of a gagger. Can you do anything to make me more comfortable?” Should be an easy one, right? Find out what happened. Hint – it’s not good! And if you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, or if you would like us to call YOUR office, please email us at You might be the office that gets it right!

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Highlights from “Risque Social Media and Gaggers!”

0:25 – Rich opens up with what you will hear on today’s Dental Practice Fixers Podcast

0:45 – Rich introduces special guest: Dr. Mitchell Josephs

0:52 – Dr. Josephs is ready to fix some practices right now.

1:25 – Dr. Josephs tells us a little about his car collection.

3:04 –  Rich talks about a way to keep your dental practice contact free by using a hands free credit card terminal. Check out

4:05 – Dr. Josephs tells Rich how things are going in Florida with COVID-19.

6:04 – Dr. Josephs gives his prediction about the next few months with incoming patients.

6:31 – Dr. Rich tells us what a “snow bird” is for those that might not know.

7:00 – Dr. Rich opens up a question from a listener. A professional dental hygienist is showing risque social media posts after work and it is being shared with others.

9:15 – Dr. Josephs gives his advice on the situation.

10:58 Dr. Rich is not in Human Resources but he will find out what could be done to help this dental office.

11:15 – Dr. Rich agrees with Dr. Josephs – A dental practice is a brand.

11:33 – But the question is where do you draw the line?

11:47 – Dr. Josephs tells a personal experience in his dental practice.

13:58 – Dr. Rich had asked Dr. Josephs for his suggestion for callers.  Dr. Josephs suggestion is about gaggers.

14:59 – Rich makes the first call.

16:01 – Rich talks about the call and what just happened.

17:05 – Dr. Josephs did a research paper on gaggers.  It lists five things that you should not do for gag reflex.

18:30 – Dr. Josephs gives a great tip when a gagger comes in.  It is a simple way to keep them from gagging.

19:00 – Dr. Josephs suggestion would be to show them all the options with a free complementary dental visit.

20:32 – Rich plays the second call.

21:21 – Rich asks MJ about the caller.

21:30 – First word out of her mouth: “NOT”

22:32 – Rich and MJ give this caller a grade.

22:45 – Rich makes the third call.

24:10 – Dr. Josephs gives his take on the caller.

25:30 – Dr. Rich Madow gives his advice with what went wrong.

26:00 – Here what grade Dr. Josephs and Dr. Madow give this caller.

27:30 – Dr. Josephs give an important tip when it comes to hiring a front desk person.

28:00 – Thank you for joining our dental practice fixers podcast on Risque Social Media and Gaggers.

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