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Richard H. Madow. DDS
  • Identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. Truly understand where improvement is needed and pinpoint the things that need to be fixed.
  • Listen to your professional and personal goals. Recommend what you need to do to achieve these goals. What are your roadblocks preventing you from reaching these goals?
  • Dental practices function much better, more efficiently, and more productively, when everything is controlled by systems.  Imagine a world where everyone in the office just simply knows what to do!
  • When everyone knows their job and is accountable for their actions (and the success of the practice) things simply work! And there is no finger-pointing, blame games, or goofing off.  Team members and docs who are accountable for what they do are happier and more productive!
  • Discover your practice’s true income potential and outline the steps to achieve it.

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