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After over 25 years of consulting with hundreds of practices all across North America and speaking with thousands of dentists and team members from every type of practice possible (along with being dentists ourselves!) we have come to a few pretty simple yet extremely profound conclusions. In this letter, we will be sharing them with you.

No matter what kind of practice you have (large, small, new, established, big city, small town, cosmetic, bread and butter, and everything else in between) there are four often-overlooked key areas that are crucial to your success. Ignore even one of them and no matter how much you try, your practice will simply not reach its full potential.

So let’s not waste any more time and get right down to it!

The Four Key Areas That Can Grow Your Dental Practice

Most of the dental practices we see already have many of the right things in place to give them the potential for huge growth.

If you simply learn how to strengthen your game in each of these areas, the success you have been looking for will come more easily than ever. And nothing here will involve investing in new equipment, learning complex techniques, redecorating, rebranding, spending a ton of money on marketing, or any of those other expensive yet ineffective magic bullets we hear about all the time.

So what are the four areas?

Success Area #1:
Getting Potential New Patients Off The Phone and Into The Appointment Book

Every single day potential new patients call your practice, asking typical questions like “Do you take my insurance?” and “How much do you charge for a cleaning?” Sadly, 80% – 90% of them never get appointed and then they vanish into thin air as if they never existed. Think this doesn’t happen in your practice? It does – we guarantee it! We’ve constantly observed it and have thousands of “secret shopper calls” to prove it.

The good news is – there are very simple and effective skills to make sure that just about every potential patient that calls your practice gets converted to an actual appointment. Simply learning these skills can double, triple, or quadruple your new patient numbers without spending an extra dime on marketing. New patients are already knocking on your door – you just need to learn how to let them in!

Success Area #2:
Revamping the Perio Department

Wow. This is the most incredibly overlooked area when it comes to boosting practice production. Think about it. Over 75% of adults over the age of 35 have periodontal disease. That means if three-quarters of your adult patients are not receiving some level of periodontal therapy other than a “checkup and cleaning” you are under-diagnosing, under-treating…..and under-producing!

So why do we all do this? The sad fact is, it is simply easier (i.e. the path of least resistance) to do a cleaning and then say “See you in six months!” But it’s not the right thing to do for your patients and it’s killing your bottom line. Plus, it relegates your highly trained dental hygienist to the role of “the cleaning lady!”

We are afraid to tell a patient who has been coming in for years that they have “gum disease.” We don’t like looking them in the eye and saying that instead of coming back for a cleaning they need a series of relatively costly appointments. We are afraid we won’t be able to answer their questions of “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” or “But my last dentist never told me this!!” So we keep on practicing “Supervised Neglect!”

Take a deep breath. There are some very easy to learn skills that make it simple to properly diagnose periodontal disease, answer these tough questions, and have patients ask “When can I start?” And just think how great your practice will be when the “hygiene department” turns into a very robust “periodontal therapy department!” Happy patients, happy hygienists, happy doctor and a substantially increased bottom line!!

Success Area #3:
Increasing Treatment Plan Acceptance

We probably don’t need to spend a lot of time on this one. Why? Because most patients simply do not say “yes” to comprehensive treatment. Appointing a few restorations or a couple of crowns is one thing – but having the majority of your patients complete comprehensive dental therapy is what separates the elite practices from the rest of the pack.

Unfortunately most of our treatment plan presentations end with “Let me discuss it with my spouse,” or “I’ll get it done after the holidays,” or the dreaded “I need to think about it.” Look up those phrases in the dental dictionary and they all mean the same thing: “NO!”

It doesn’t have to be that way. People want to be in excellent dental health. They want a beautiful smile and strong teeth. But we need to know how to get them there in a way that makes them comfortable. Fortunately, it’s very simple if you just know how!

Success Area #4:
Getting Rid Of The “Million Dollar File Cabinet”

Think about all of the treatment you have diagnosed and recommended over the years that has never been completed. It’s pretty sickening isn’t it? Most likely it means you have hundreds if not thousands of patients walking around with unhealthy dental disease, and your checkbook is unhealthy as well. Getting your patients to finally say “yes” to this treatment will improve their well-being AND your bottom line. That’s what we call a win-win!

Thus the term “Million Dollar File Cabinet.” Just about every dental practice has hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of already diagnosed treatment sitting in the file cabinet, hopelessly uncompleted. Just imagine what would happen to your practice if even a third of this got completed – and better yet – if you could learn how to eliminate this problem in the future! There is already several years’ worth of production sitting in your office – you just need to learn how to harvest it!

There it is. Now you know the four crucial areas (based on years of practice and observation) that will undoubtedly turn your practice around.

So why are we sharing this valuable information with you today?

We are convinced that by concentrating on these four principles, your practice can grow so quickly and easily your head will spin! And the best news is, you already have the infrastructure to accomplish all of this. That’s right – the practice of your dreams is now within your reach.

So how do you get started?

One way is to “just get started!” Sure that sounds strange, but you are smart. Yes, it will take some time, knowhow and a lot of perseverance. You need to be the leader. You may have to search for different resources on your own but if you are determined to REALLY grow your practice in a big way, you can do this!

Unfortunately we have found that most docs who “say” they are going to do this just never seem to get it done. All kinds of distractions come up, life gets in the way, and before you know it another year has passed and you’re in the same place you are today.

So if you are not the type to take the bull by the horns, spend a ton of time figuring out where to start, and becoming relentless in your quest to improve your practice, then we would like to offer you another option.

We can become your mentors.

Yes, we can comprehensively get you going on ALL of this – the right way!

This means that we will personally work with you and your team to make sure that we get this done and get it done correctly! We are real dentists with over 25 years of expertise in practice growth with an impeccable reputation in the profession!

As of this writing we have three slots open in our mentoring program. If you join us, we will roll up our sleeves and work with you and your team on the four principles. Our aim is to make sure you become experts at these. And when that takes place, we will see serious practice growth!

Our program is a combination of virtual and live and is a minimum of a one-year commitment (no, it does not happen overnight!). The way we work with you is nothing like you have ever seen before. If you are serious about this, we will get results for you even if you have been frustrated with all of your previous attempts. Why?

Because we know what we are doing!

Are you ready to finally do what it takes to achieve the practice that brings you the income that you deserve? Then why don’t you take the next step? And that is to schedule a call with us. We can fill you in on all of the details when we chat.

To schedule a call, CLICK HERE. The only thing we ask is to please schedule a call ONLY if you are serious about working with this. We only have three openings at this time. You know us. You know our reputation. We are busy. We don’t have to “sell” you on anything! If you feel you are a fit and would like to be one of the three docs that we accept, go ahead and CLICK HERE!

“We’re fun to work with, but we’re serious about your practice!”

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