The Very Best Dental Secret Shopper Calls

person with a cell phone in his hand as if making a call

During Season One, we had so many comments from our listeners saying they absolutely LOVE what we are doing and that The Dental Practice Fixers is their favorite dental podcast of all time! Well as nice as that was, to take it a step further, many said the dental secret shopper calls were their favorite segment and begged us to do more than one call per episode.

So for Season Two, we will be stepping up the calls, and even though we cannot guarantee more than one call per show, the calls themselves will take a different twist from Season One! So in advance of Season Two beginning, we have decided to compile the best dental secret shopper calls from Season One in a single episode and give them to you right here for easy listening access. Feel free to use them at a team meeting or for anything else you may want them for. And get ready for the beginning of Season Two starting with the very next episode! Please feel free to rate us and review us on iTunes. Every little bit helps! Thanks for being a part of The Dental Practice Fixers, perhaps the most unique podcast in all of dentistry!


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