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Total Maintenance of YOUR Evacuation System!

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VacuTab Kit

VacuTab Kit Combines both products (VacuShock™ and VacuClear™) including detailed instruction, to provide total evacuation system needs all-in-one!

Combined use of VacuShock™ and VacuClear ™ restores the vacuum line flow and pressure, and extends the life of evacuation equipment, and pumps.
With recommended usage, a VacuTab Kit is enough to clear out a two-op office and have it run smoothly for around three months.


VacuShock™ Tablets: A maximum strength, large yellow tablet used for initial cleaning and sanitizing of your vacuum system. VacuShock™ will break up and remove old aged buildup time has allowed to produce deep in vacuum lines. Non-Toxic Non-Corrosive , and Non-Foaming. Releases a concentrated, anti-microbial agent, removing biofilm, fluorides, amalgam, hard water deposits, and all cross-contamination leaving your vacuum-lines like new!

Six tablets per jar.

Follow up with VacuClear™


VacuClear™ Time-Released vacuum line maintenance tablets. Our state of the art method eliminates end of the day vacuum-line flushing for good! Used once to twice a week. Sanitizes and neutralizes contaminates on contact. Removes odors, These time-release vacuum tablets provide continuous, self-activating care of both high and low volume


45 tabs/treatments per jar



It’s one of the most frustrating things in the dental office, yet it’s so unglamorous and uninteresting to talk about, you just don’t hear it mentioned very often.

We are constantly bombarded with information on new patients, treatment planning, external marketing, internal marketing, scheduling, collections, insurance, cosmetic dentistry, lasers, CAD-CAM, yadda yadda yadda. Much of this information is good, a fraction is excellent, and a ton of it is downright laughable.

But the things we love the most are those little simple tips that make your office run more smoothly, and in the end more profitably. Here’s one of them.

What’s worse than when one of your major pieces of equipment really sucks? When it doesn’t suck! Of course, we’re talking about the suction/vacuum system in your office.

In our hectic world of dentistry, the suction system doesn’t get as much love and attention as it should. But when your suction is in top shape, it really does make life easier for you, your patients, and your team. And when it’s not working well – that’s an office disaster!

The typical scenario in most offices goes something like this – the assistants change the disposable suction traps on a regular basis and flush in a little Purevac or something similar, but other than that, the system doesn’t get much TLC. Every once in a while, the suction starts making gurgling noises and weakens a bit, at which point you do the famous two step procedure – coat hanger surgery and emptying that vile main collector can. The fluid that comes out of that thing is without a doubt one of the most funky stanky specimens ever created. Yuk city!

But what if your suction could consistently run much more smoothly and be a lot stronger? And what if all that bacteria-laden gunk that is clinging to your suction lines could be flushed out for good?

What if we turned you on to a product that is cheap, easy to use, and will turn your vacuum system into a brand new Electrolux?

It’s time to meet the highest rated (by CRA and others!) vacuum cleaning system of all time – VacuShock and VacuClear! These simple-to-use products will make your life better!!!! Here’s how it works.

Initially, you use the “shock” treatment. Do this even if you feel that things are running fairly well with your suction.

First, turn the suction off (duh!). Then, empty and rinse the main trap. Before you put it back in place, drop in a VacuShock tablet, and screw the trap back in.

Next, locate the treatment room closest to the main suction. Place a pellet in that room’s trap, and close it back up. Next, turn the suction back on and suck up a gallon of hot water. This whole thing takes just a few minutes.

Turn the suction off again, and head towards the main trap. But first (this is important) think up the best exclamation of disgust you can. Then, unscrew the trap and yell,

“Grody to the max! This pestiferous scuz was in my office??!!”

It doesn’t matter how many barrels of Purevac you’ve been through, or how many times the service guy has played proctologist with your suction unit – nothing has touched this mess! You just won’t believe what has been clinging to your lines and living in your suction. You’ll get bone fragments, tooth pieces, amalgam leftovers (even if you stopped doing amalgams fifteen years ago), fluoride goo, and every type of bodily fluid and secretion all glopped together in a disgusting heap of mess.

This is absolutely the most fun you can have in a dental office with your clothes on!!

Okay – next you repeat this process until the first room flushes clear (there will be plenty of VacuShock left, you won’t need to replace the pellet) and then move on to the next room. And then, get ready to suck. Over the next few days, your suction will start to feel like it’s on turbo charge – and it will stay that way. After that, you just drop a regular VacuClear tablet in each room twice a week for continued smooth sailing.

So just how good is this stuff? Dental repair guys who are in the know are using it instead of the “snakes.” (Of course, then you have to pay retail for the tablets plus their hourly rate!)

A technician actually told us a story where one of his buddies had declared a doc’s pump to be O.P.D. (Officially Pronounced Dead). He had them buy and install a new pump to the tune of six grand or so, and they found the new pump to be “defective.” When the second pump didn’t behave either, they dropped in some VacuShock – and BOOM! An hour or so later, that thing was vacuuming like a Hoover on speed!! It makes us sick to think how many pumps have been replaced or even serviced, when all they needed was to be “shocked!”

It’s not the pump – it’s all the gunk that has been stuck in the lines for so long that is causing the problem.

It’s time to get rid of it once and for all!

VacuShock and VacuClear are products that every dental office should have, and a “shocked” system is something no dental office should be without. Besides the fact that it cleans years worth of goo out of your system like nothing else can and keeps your suction running strong, the chemicals kill any organisms in your lines and absolutely will not damage anything. It’s non- foaming and non-corrosive, and it even works on dry suction units. To put it another way…

“VacuShock is like a dental office enema!”

Just how good is this stuff? Dr. Gordon’s Clinical Associates named it a “Top Product” in 2014!! So why haven’t you heard of it? After all, this product should absolutely be in every dental office in the world!

Unfortunately, these products don’t have big time distribution deals like the inferior suction line cleaners, and your donut-bringing dental supply rep has no incentive to suggest them. We actually suspect that some of the “full service” companies will not carry the VacuTab line through their supply division because it would take away one of their most common and profitable service calls.

So where do you get them? TriCom Dental, the manufacturer, has put together a VacuTab starter kit which includes 6 VacuShock tablets and 45 VacuClear tablets, enough to clear out a two-op office and have it run smoothly for around three months. This was one of our most frequently received questions, so let’s make sure you know:

One VacuTab starter kit is enough to clear out two operatories for three months – so order accordingly!

Since they are not set up for direct sales, we’ve arranged for The Madow Brothers to be kind of an “interim dealer” for these products. Of course, we would only do it if we could get it to you for a great price, and we did!

Call us at 1-800-258-0060, and we will send you the complete kit for just $59.00 plus $8.99 shipping and handling. And if you call, you get the added pleasure of speaking to our fantastic staff! Of course, you could call your dental supply company, pay much more (if they do indeed carry this product – if not they will convince you to buy something inferior), and speak to a rude rep who has English as a fourth language!

Seriously – you will be amazed at the crapola that comes out of your vacuum system when you “shock” it – and how easy it is to maintain it and keep your suction at full strength. Call us now and get the starter kit, enough for 2 ops/3 months, for just $59.00 plus $8.99 shipping and handling. You’ll be clog-free and happy!!

How great is the VacuTab kit? We guarantee you will be 100% pleased or you can send it right back for a full refund. But whatever you do, please don’t send us all that gunk that has been accumulating on your suction lines for the last few years or decades!! Gross!!