SEO or PPC – Which Is Better For Dentists?


SEO or PPC - Which is Better?

In today’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast, we answer a great listener question – “Which is better for dental practice marketing – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click)?” For this question, we enlist the help of one of our favorite dental marketing experts.

Then we do some secret shopper calls that should practically be guaranteed an appointment. How do you think the offices did? Listen to find out!

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Highlights from “SEO or PPC – Which is Better For Dentists?”

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast by welcoming everyone.

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2:10 – Rich introduces the listener question which is better?  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click).  This listener question comes from Ohio and is not being found on Google.

2:50 – Dr. Rich introduces David Herman with Web Marketing for Dentists to help answer this listener question.

3:38 – David mentions some of the changes during COVID-19 and switching to emergency services.  Currently moving more into high-end procedures like implants, porcelain veneers, etc.

4:46 – Rich mentions that David normally works with very specific words when it comes to dental procedures.  Rich asks David the reason behind using very specific words.

5:00 – David mentions that they use words like dentist only if it is linked to a procedure.  He mentions that individuals normally know what they are looking for when it comes to a dental procedure and type in those words into search engines.  These target words are worth more for the dentists.

6:06 – Rich talks about a marketing strategy for dentist offices and asks David to confirm that they are really looking for a specifically targeted high dollar patient.

6:20 – David said, “yes they try to do that when they can.” They are more worried about the return on investment for the dentist.  David talks about marketing and the importance of getting the ROI.  Marketing should not be making you lose money.

6:55 – Rich said well maybe you can make it up on volume.

7:10 – David describes the long term numbers of new patients and what that could mean for dentists.  A cash flow issue that many dentists run into.  David tells Rich that they are a month to month agency.  Their agency judges themselves in the “NOW’, not in the past.

8:20 – Rich gets to the question from the listener.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

8:42 – David tells the listener that is a great question and then explains the different scenarios they would help a person to know if SEO or PPC is better.

14:23 – Rich thanks David for that great explanation and then asks David if an SEO is more classy than a PPC ad?

14:42 – See what David says concerning the classy way in marketing your business.

16:40 – Rich asks David if you stop SEO are you in the back of the line when you decide to start it again?

16:55 – David answers Rich’s question. David explains SEO by driving down the highway and you have the gas down.  If you stop you will still coast but others may pass you in the effort to get in the first place.

18:00 – Rich said that no matter if a person clicks on a paid ad or an organic ad due to SEO the dentist office still paid someone to get in that spot as well.

18:23 – David talks about when he gets an ad on google and it is exactly what he is looking for and his thought process.  David also shares some key items when running ads and making sure the landing page matches the ad.

23:25 – Rich asks David to say on and listen to some secret shopper calls.

24:21 – Rich will be asking the caller what to do since he thinks he is getting a cavity.  Rich makes the first call.

24:41 – Rich and David are surprised the caller was so short.  Find out what they say about this caller.

26:02 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

26:40 – Rich and David discuss this caller and the results.  Rich and David both recommend proper training.

27:43 – Rich makes the third secret shopper call.

28:12 – Rich and David discuss the shortness from this caller. Rich asks why is it so difficult to ask the caller to come in to see the dentist.  David mentioned a possible solution to give an incentive to get new patients.

28:55 – Rich talks about his experience as a dental coach and what works and what has not.  Rich discusses his feelings with incentives for front desk personnel.  Rich and David discuss proper front desk training and the importance of helping ones in the community.

34:00 – If you would like to reach out to David check out webmarketingfordentists.com


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