Should We Ever Do This At The First Visit?


Should We Ever Do This At The First Visit?

In this episode, Dr. Rich shares a question he got from an attendee at a recent seminar – is it ethical to do a prophy on the first visit? To answer, Rich shares an interesting event from The Madow Brothers’ history.

Then the theme continues on the secret shopper calls. A patient is trying to find an office that will do a cleaning on the first visit. The results? You gotta listen to find out what happened, but let’s just say they were pretty dismal. If you have a question for “The Fixers,” please email us at podcast@madow.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Highlights from “Should We Ever Do This At The First Visit?”

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow starts The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast with episode 92.  What do you mean I can’t get a cleaning on the first visit?  Have you ever had a patient say that?

0:45 – Rich talks about his trip to Florida.  He was a keynote speaker and at one of the sessions this question came up, which is what today’s episode will be discussing.

1:00 – One way to keep low monthly credit card processing fees is by using STAX by Fatt Merchant as your credit card processing service.  Find out more at madow.com/save

2:00 – If your dental office has an influence in your local chapter and would like Dr. Madow to speak at your study group, local chapter, dental meeting, etc… please email him at Rich@madow.com

2:40 – One of the questions from one of the breakout sessions was should we do a cleaning on a new patient’s first visit?  One dentist said yes, the other dentist said no.  Rich gives his advice on this topic.

8:40 – Rich will be making secret shopper calls and wanted to know if they would be doing cleanings on the first visit.  See what happens.

10:56 – In case you didn’t know, The Madow Center of Dental Practices does dental coaching.  Have you gotten a dental practice snapshot?  If not, check it out at madow.com/snapshot

Check out madow.com to learn more about ways to help your dental practice.

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