Simple Yet Profound Advice

Here’s a simple tip for you today. It may seem obvious, yet if you really live by it, it can change your practice and your life.

“There are only two things you can do when you walk into your practice every day – you can make it better or you can make it worse.”

If this simple phrase guides every thing you do – every little decision, every nuance of how you deal with your patients and co-workers, everything you say, etc… it’s guaranteed that your practice will grow and you will grow with it.

Use it in your personal life too. When you come home from work and enter your house, the same rule applies – you can make it better or you can make it worse. Same when you enter any gathering of people, event, school, party, or most importantly, when you enter someone else’s life. The choice is yours – make it better or worse.

The paraphrased quote comes from Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney World Resort.

Mr. Cockerell headed up a team of 40,000 “cast members” and was responsible for the world’s most popular theme parks, 20 resort hotels, two water parks, shopping and dining destinations, and more. His leadership was the reason that the Disney vacation experience was consistently excellent in all aspects. And he summed it up with that simple phrase.

Ever notice how incredibly clean the Disney parks are? It’s not that no one litters or misses the trash cans. It’s because the “cast members” know that if they walk past a piece of trash, it’s their opportunity to throw it away and make the experience better. And that’s a tiny example of what happens every second at Disney.

So how about you? When you enter your practice today – (and team members, it’s your practice too!!) will you make it better or worse?

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