Size Does Matter

We are quite sure that you are all too familiar with the old adage that “size matters.” Many of you (especially the men) have made it your life-long mission to disprove this. Please don’t hate us too much, but in today’s article, we are about to show you that yes, it is true… size definitely matters! 

Fortunately, today we are talking about real estate, and more specifically we mean the “real estate” that Facebook allows you to have on your practice’s profile page.

Let’s back up for a second and ask a (rhetorical) question.  If you were offered free space in a local newspaper or magazine to tell your community all about your dental practice, wouldn’t you want to take as much space as the publication would give you? Of course you would! Then why are most dental practices not maximizing the (free) space that Facebook is giving them to “show off what they got?”

Go to almost any Facebook dental office page and you will see that most likely the profile picture is a little square image of the team, the practice logo or the doc. In many cases they look ok, but these are not getting them the attention that they deserve! Why not utilize all of the space that Facebook is willing to give you? And in case you are wondering, that amount is 540 pixels in height by 180 pixels in width.

Please take a look at our Facebook page ( and you will be able to see our brand new large profile pic on the left hand side. Tell us what you think! We are utilizing all of the space that Facebook is willing to give to us! Notice that in our image we use a combination of pictures and text. But this entire thing you are seeing is actually one large image that was created in Photoshop. It took about five minutes to make. You can do the same for your practice in any image editing software. There are some good free ones offered online so you don’t have to spend the big bucks on Photoshop! Here are ten good free ones right here!

Yes, in the world of marketing, size definitely matters. So get your large profile image up on Facebook today and let your community see you! You will get noticed more than the guy or gal down the block who still goes around telling everyone that size does not matter! And if you are not sure what to do, please call Team Madow today and “we can help you!”

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