Something Most Dentists Have NEVER Done!

most dentists have never

Something Most Dentists Have NEVER Done!

There is something that most dentists have NEVER done – but if they would, they could learn a ton about their dental practice! This week’s special guest will shed some light on what this is, as well as reveal some very interesting things about being a “COVID-era dentist.”

Then, for our weekly secret shopper calls, we ask a really simple question – “How much is a crown?” Of the three practices we called, how many offered to make an appointment? Listen to find out, and to hear what The Dental Practice Fixers have to say!

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Highlights from “Something Most Dentists Have NEVER Done!”

0:13 – Hear what Dr. Richard Madow says most dentists have never done.

0:50 – If you are a regular listener you already know this that FattMerchant is the way to go for all your dental practice credit card processing.  Check out madow.com/save.

1:56 – Rich introduces a recent dental grad, Dr. Ben Share

2:10 – Dr. Ben talks about graduation from COVID-19 time period.  How things will look in the future for new dental students.

6:03 – Rich asks Ben what strange things that he went through.

6:20 – Ben mentions some key ideas for dentist looking into hiring dental grads from 2020.

11:31 – Ben talks about some of his classmates and how they are doing.

17:58 – Rich asks Ben what lessons he has learned from all this.

18:17 – Ben talks about some things he has learned and continues to learn.

23:01 – Rich talks about some of the key points that Ben talked about and some interesting things to keep in mind for smaller dental practices.

23:44 – Rich and Ben both agree that “It’s Hard!”  The front desk is a hard spot.

24:10 – Ben talks about some things about the front desk position.  Ben talks about how to be on your “A” game for that new patient.

26:10 – Rich asks Ben about his thoughts if a front desk person is a male.

26:15 – Ben tells Rich about what callers say about him answering the phone as a front desk person.

26:44 – Rich asks Ben how to deal with cancellations.

27:14 – Ben shares his method of a cancellation call. He has much success with this method.

29:43 – Rich talks about what doesn’t work and why.

30:03 – Rich does the first secret shopper call.

30:43 – Rich goes directly into the second secret shopper call.

31:06 – Rich and Ben discuss the calls.  They both gives their suggestions.  Both callers gave a fee.  Did you ask why they are asking about the fee?  Did they try to schedule the new patient?  Listen and see.

34:47 – Rich does the third secret shopper call.

35:10 – Rich and Ben discuss this caller.  What did they see from all three callers?

34:40 – Ben talks about what he has noticed from these secret shopper callers.

37:01 – Rich thanks Ben for being on the podcast and sharing his thoughts and ideas.

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