Something Very Small Yet Very Powerful!

Last week we sent you a note on the importance of email marketing. If you didn’t see it, click here to give it a look.

To prove a point about the power of emails, it contained tons of links – those underlined or highlighted words which you can click on that take you to another page, a web site, a video, or whatever. Many people wrote back in and said –

How do you make those link things to click on?? Well, it’s actually very simple.

First of all, we highly suggest using a professional yet incredibly inexpensive email program. The one we use is called Mailchimp. But in any case, most good email, blogging and composing sites have this feature.

Up in the toolbar, the area where you can control the font, the point size, the color of the text and all that other great stuff, there will be an icon which looks like a chain link. (This is somewhat universal but may differ in some oddball cases.)

When you are ready to “link” something, simply highlight the words and click on the “link” symbol. Then a little box will appear where you can put the URL (web address) of the thing you want to link.

So for example, let’s say that you are sending out an email blast or doing a blog on tooth whitening. In the piece, you can have a link to another web article on whitening, or maybe even some before and after pictures on your own website. You can even have a link at the end to send the patient to a place on your website where they may set up an appointment!

Using links, you can pack endless information into a short amount of space without annoying those who only want the basics. It’s a great way to “sell without selling” because only the truly interested readers will click on the link!

For example, if you want to read an article about Clarence Williams III, who played “Linc” on the old TV series The Mod Squad, you can just click his name. But most of you won’t do that.

Hopefully though most of you WILL use “links” in your emails and blogs, greatly expanding the amount of information you can give without cluttering everything up.

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