Sometimes You Gotta Grab It

Have you ever attended a seminar where the leader stands in front of the room, holds up a twenty dollar bill, and asks,

“Does anybody want this?”

We’ve seen this old trick a million times. If someone is bold enough to run up to the front and grab it right out of their hands, they get to keep it. If no one grabs it, the leader will give a hint like,

“If you really want something, sometimes you just gotta grab it!”

And even if the demonstration is a little silly and overdone, it really is true. Sometimes if you want something, you just gotta grab it.

We all know the expression “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” And maybe that’s also true. How about the more modern version –

“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer – you’re the product being sold!”

What does this mean? Well, you get to use Google for free, but eventually you may be the product as Google builds an enormous database filled with our searches and preferences.

Ever attend a “free” workshop only to find that they tried to up-sell you to a more intense one costing thousands of dollars?

But it’s not really a problem. What if the “up-sell” seminar really helped you with something you were trying to accomplish in life? What if you don’t mind using Google for free, knowing they may be capturing your data, because the convenience is so great? As long as it is a win/win, everything is okay!

That’s why we love doing “free” things for our patients or potential patients.

A free consult for a possible new patient who is on the fence can be a great investment in your practice. Giving away free whitening for those who come in every four or six months like clockwork is a good way to keep your best patients forever. Free lectures for the local elementary school, free oral cancer screenings at a local health fair – well you get the idea. “Free” can be very good – and very lucrative!!

For a few years now we have been telling dentists about Maverick Dental Lab – a fantastic lab located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that provides excellent customer service, does beautiful work, and has extremely competitive pricing. Of course they want to be your dental lab, and we give them a very high recommendation.

But just like the spirit of this e-letter, they are willing to take a chance on you knowing that you will like them so much you’ll become a regular customer! What will they do?

Maverick Lab wants to give you your first three crowns absolutely free! That’s right – no obligation, no charge, no shipping – no anything!

Oh – actually you will get a large “gift box” containing lab prescription slips, shipping boxes, a coupon for you three free crowns, and a very cool present that is yours to keep!

Don’t be fooled – they do this because they want you to become a customer! And we do too – because we know that after you see how great your three free crowns are, you will stay on for good! It is truly a  win/win!!

How do you do it? Simply call Maverick Lab at 1-866-318-6624 right away and ask for your three free crowns! Or go to

We want you to lower your overhead, provide beautiful adjustment-free crowns, and love your lab!! Just call 1-866-318-6624 today and get going with Maverick!

Sometimes there is a such thing as a free lunch!!

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