Sorry Sir, This Crown Sucks

Have you seen the most recent commercials for Domino’s Pizza? They show a bunch of people in a focus group, saying horrible things about, of all things, Domino’s Pizza.

“The sauce tastes like ketchup” and

“Domino’s Pizza crust to me is like cardboard.”

It gets even worse as company executives read some complaints out loud.

“Worst excuse for a pizza I ever had.” “Totally devoid of flavor.”

Pretty weird for company to so strongly criticize their product in front of a national television audience.

But then the commercial takes a little turn. Domino’s admits that while their pizza may have been not so stellar in the past, they are now listening to the public and making vast improvements. And how are the commercials doing?

Early tracking says very well. Not only is business brisk but consumers are giving the new improved recipe high rankings. So is the pizza really better or is this radical ad campaign just making people think so?

It may be too early to tell, but one thing is for sure – Domino’s has proven the power of admitting a mistake, apologizing and promising to do better.

Things go wrong in dental offices – even yours. But what you do after a mishap can either accentuate the blunder or make you look like a hero.

When a crown doesn’t fit, do you take the easy way out and blame it on the lab? That just makes the patient feel inconvenienced and paints you as an excuse-monger. How would a patient feel if you said something like this?

“Well, we could bond this crown in place and it would be okay, but honestly, with a new impression we could get it absolutely perfect. After all, we want it to last for as many years as possible.”

How does that sound instead of saying “Oh, the lab messed this up – we gotta get you numb again.”

Or if you take a patient back ten minutes late, instead of acting like it is SOP, maybe something like…

“Sorry that we are running a few minutes late. We try our hardest to respect your appointment time. One of our good patients was experiencing some pain and we needed to get them in as an emergency. If you are ever in that position, we will do the same for you.”

Of course you will want to put things like this in your own words to avoid sounding like you are reading a script, but the point is – no matter how well run your office is, things get messed up and go wrong. So take the Domino’s Pizza example. If something isn’t right, recognize it, and instead of making some lame excuse, let the patient know that you are sorry and will make it better next time. This is the kind of service people appreciate and tell their friends about, just like many are doing with Domino’s! Please start today!

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