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Special Podcast Episode: Never Run Late!

By October 23, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes
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Never Run Late!

If you run late, you are sending two messages to your patients: “We don’t respect your time” and “We can’t control our schedule.” Patients will absolutely leave your practice if you run late, although they won’t tell you that’s why they are leaving. And they certainly won’t refer others. In this very special episode of “The Dental Practice Fixers podcast” Dr. Richard Madow gives some great tips on keeping your schedule on time and keeping your patients (and team) happy. Don’t miss it!!

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Highlights from Special Podcast: Never Run Late!

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the podcast by saying “Never Run Late!”

0:52 – Rich asks the question:  What does it say when you run late?  Find out what Dr. Madow says.

1:34 – Will you lose patients if you run late?  YES!

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4:21 – Dr. Rich tells a story that happened to him.  He went to an allergist with John Hopkins.  Find out why Rich got so frustrated with his appointments.

8:30 – Rich talks about the data analysis is available.  He sees this over and over again with dental practice offices and time and time again they are losing the same amount of gaining patients.  Find out the reason why and what to do to fix it!

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9:50 – Go on this journey back with Rich – A flashback – There was one day that no matter what the office and himself did, they couldn’t catch up.  Everyone was running late.  Running late equals pressure which equals NO FUN!

10:23 – Rich decides to call a team meeting to discuss these times when everyone is running late.  There are always gaps in a doctor’s schedule.  What are they doing during those 5 minutes here or 8 minutes there?  That’s one scenario.

11:55 – Another scenario – Removing dental decay and the work that needs to be done and then a plump explosion.  Dental Hygienist is standing at the door wondering why you are late to check the patient.  Find out what to do.

14:41 – With either scenario this will apply to help your dental office to run more efficient.  You don’t want to miss this great dental tip for running your office.  This will really help you to never run late!

16:14 – The key to never running late is more than just a tip.  It has to be office policy or a way to brand your dental practice.

17:09 – Find out the reasons for your dental practice why everyone is running late?

17:40 – Rich says to make it your office philosophy to “Never Run Late!”

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