That would be a very strange way to practice dentistry…

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We received this letter from a dentistry office:

Hey guys-

I have been reading Coaches Corner since the very beginning and love every one of them. I appreciate the straightforward style. My question is – how are you different from all of the other coaches and consultants out there?

Dr. Steve Sief
Matawan, NJ

Every Dentistry Practice Is Different


Hey Steve-

Is it just us, or are 90% of the dentistry questions we get from New Jersey? It is a great question though, because if you are sincerely looking for some practice guidance and growth, it is important that the people you work with are a good fit for you.

So since we are all dental folks here, imagine this scenario. You hire a “clinical coach” to help you with the clinical aspects of your dentistry practice. And that coach says something like: “Here is the Gold Level Clinical Program.” The first month, all of your patients get a complete exam and a full set of x-rays. In the second month, they all get crown preps on teeth #s 2, 14, 29 and 30, with long term temps. In the third month, they all get four quads of scaling and root planing. Then in month number four, which is our favorite, they get four implants, with a sinus complication on the upper right. Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, dot, dot, dot….”

This makes no sense at all, does it? Every patient couldn’t possibly have the exact same needs.

Well, nothing against our fine coaching colleagues (and there truly are a lot of great dental coaches out there), but most of the coaches or consultants have pre-written plans or modules. They teach them to their coaching staff (typically a burnt-out hygienist looking for greener pastures) and then it is delivered to your practice by rote. Well, that is not how it works around here!

Every practice is different, every person is different, and everyone has different goals. So how can dental coaching be done correctly with a bunch of already planned systems? It can’t!

When we work with a practice, our first step is to find out what they REALLY need. This is not just based on practice performance, but on the individual goals of the dentist. And it doesn’t just end at the dental practice; often there are lifestyle goals and issues as well. After all, you need to be happy in all aspects of your life. If your practice is cranking and you are unhealthy, miserable, and in debt, what good is it?

Then we work on a truly custom basis to deliver what you need. The crazy thing is, most of the time it is not what you even thought! Does that make sense? Our team takes a personal interest in every one of our coaching clients. That’s why you won’t find our name on the side of a huge building, or why you don’t get three boxes of generic written materials when we work together.

Okay – we could go on and on, but this answer was not intended to be an ad for our coaching! But as you can see, this kind of stuff just gets us going. And yes – we are different!

Want to find out HOW different we are, and if working with The Madow Center For Dental Practice Success would be a good fit for your practice? Just click here and we can chat! No pressure, no obligation. That’s the way we roll!!

And do you like our new picture???

Coach Rich
Coach Dave


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