The Top 20

Want to dramatically improve your new patient flow, customer service skills, treatment acceptance, and overall practice attitude? Then listen up.

We all know that the telephone is the most important instrument in your practice. All of your new patients come to you through the telephone. Much of your scheduled treatment involves the telephone. It’s the conduit between your practice and the outside world. Handling telephone calls properly can be the difference between a hugely successful practice and one which struggles month to month.

Recently we recorded a DVD entitled “Top Twenty Telephone Tips, Tricks and Techniques.” The information contained in this program is absolutely worth tons of new patients and hundreds of thousands of dollars in newly found production. It will also let your current patients know that they are in the right practice!

What’s in it? Here are a few examples:

  • What to do with your answering machine to get more new patients than ever before. This is simple to do and guaranteed to work!
  • It’s never good to put people on hold – but if you HAVE TO – doing this can actually increase high end treatment being performed in your office!
  • A telephone tip straight from the hospital emergency room. Do this and begin scheduling more new patients!
  • Three words to NEVER say on the telephone. We hear these all the time, and if you want your practice to grow you need to drop them from your vocabulary!
  • Patient trying to get an “over-the-phone diagnosis?” Here’s the best way to handle it AND get a new patient at the same time!
  • Why you should never ask “Would you like to make an appointment?” Say this instead and they WILL make one!
  • A “magic phrase” to say on the phone which makes every patient and potential patient instantly feel welcome in your practice!
  • What to say if a patient calls and insists on speaking with the doctor. Nip this one in the bud!
  • The right way to answer the phone to instantly let people know you have the best office in town!
  • And much much more!

This DVD was originally made in extremely limited numbers – and it was so popular that we would now like to give you one for free!

It’s part of our Madow Powerhouse Coaching Program, and we are inviting you to give it a “test drive” by giving you the DVD “Top Twenty Telephone Tips, Tricks and Techniques” AND the months of September and October absolutely free! Plus – you will get the chance to be on our Powerhouse MEMBERS ONLY teleconference at the end of this month and every month after that!
This “virtual national study club” gives you amazing tools to build your practice and enhance your career more than ever.
Members get:

  • A monthly instructional DVD by The Madow Brothers made exclusively for Powerhouse members
  • A monthly “meeting” – a live teleconference with other Powerhouse members where they share their practice building secrets
  • A professionally written blog  / article which will help inform your patients and boost your practice
  • Access to our members only Powerhouse private forum  – the country’s best “no b.s.” discussions on any possible issue affecting your practice
  • FREE attendance at our annual “Live Powerhouse Brainstorming” session, which has been described as a life changing event!

To let you see just how incredible this program is, we invite you to take a “test drive.”
Call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we will give you the rest of September and the entire month of October totally free, including the DVD and instant access to “Top Twenty Telephone Tips and Techniques.”
You have nothing to lose – and becoming a member of Madow Powerhouse Coaching just may change your practice AND your life forever! It’s the best and most affordable program of its kind!

Call our office now at 1-888-88-MADOW and we will get you started!

Pain-In-Th?e-A** Patients

Let’s face it – some patients are just a complete pain in the ass.

We coddle them, baby them, bend over a thousand times for them – and eventually some of them appreciate what we do.

We spend a highly disproportionate amount of time trying to please these people, or at the very least reason with them. And sometimes it actually seems as if it is worth the valiant effort.

But if the very small amount of patients who are true PITAs – despite the overhead killing amount of time we invest in them – all left our practices, the net result would be neutral, or maybe even positive. Yet this group of people takes up so much of our time and energy.

There is another group of patients – a much larger group – that doesn’t really take up much of our time. They don’t whine and complain, they don’t ask a lot of stupid annoying questions, and they aren’t a stress on our mental health. As a matter of fact, we hardly notice them at all. And that is the problem.

There are superstar patients and there are horrible patients – but these extremes don’t take up much room in our practices. The majority of patients kind of float by in a cloud of anonymity. They are “good” people, but nothing really makes them stand out. And this group – this nameless faceless group of nice people – are the ones who make up the bulk of our practices and contribute the most to our well being. Yet because they are neither superstars nor complainers, they don’t get much of our attention.

But just imagine what would happen if a decent percentage of this group began to realize how much they are valued, how important they are, and how much they mean to your practice?

Imagine what would happen if your “average” patient stepped it up a notch and started referring others, started having more high-end treatment performed, and became just a tiny bit more active in your practice. It would be a dental dream come true!!

So why waste time on the PITAs? Don’t let them hog your resources! Show the everyday patient how much you care. Give them the attention that the practice missionaries and the wheel squeakers get. After all – they deserve it and so do you!!

Go ahead – give it a try! Let the “typical” patient know how much you care. It may just be one of the best things you ever did for your practice!

Speaking of giving, we love giving as well, and we’d like to give you some fantastic information for free! It’s the next program in our extremely popular series “The Best Webinar Ever” and features the one and only Melissa Lierman.

Melissa will be teaching all of the things that you should be saying on Facebook to grow your practice like crazy! This is the most up-to-date practice changing information, and it’s yours for free just for being a Madow friend.

It’s tomorrow (Wednesday) night, and here are the details. Don’t miss it!!

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Your cost: FREE
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We Missed You…

They (whoever “they” are) say Virginia is for lovers, and boy did we LOVE the folks in Richmond Virginia!  We were there on Friday presenting our well known seminar, “How to Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper.”  Have you ever been to one of our Love Dentistry Seminars?  If not, you MUST attend one.  We give you so much valuable information, that your head will be spinning!  Being there will help take your practice to the next level.

So many dentists and their teams came out to hear us present.  Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and receptive to all of the information we shared.  We just wanted to say a  big “THANKS” to all of those who attended, and we hope to see you all at TBSE in November.  If you enjoyed our seminar last week, you’ll be blown away by everything TBSE has to offer!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Yes, next in our “The Best Webinar EVER” series is coming up in just two days! Our very own Melissa Lierman has been preparing this one for quite some time now and we need to tell you… there is going to be so much new practice building information that you will not know how you got along without this stuff. Be the first to hear what you should be saying on Facebook for maximum effectiveness to make YOU the “go-to” dentist in your community. That’s right, once you listen to this webinar and put a few of the ideas into action, YOU are going to be the most talked about dentist in your area… HANDS DOWN!!!

Our last webinar with Steve Vargo was the biggest one we have ever had and totally filled up! We have opened up some new space and this one, due to the subject matter, could even top  the last one. So we recommend registering early and logging in early as well (at least 10 minutes early). You are going to be blown away by what Melissa is going to be teaching!

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Your cost: FREE
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Once They Start Texting – Part One

What would you think if you took your spouse or your significant other to a beautiful romantic dinner and halfway through the meal, she (he) started texting a friend?

How about if you were taking a piano lesson and while you were playing a beautiful piece that you had been working on so diligently, you look up only to see your teacher texting?

You are going through a rough divorce and you catch your lawyer texting under the table during the trial.

You are speaking to a patient about necessary treatment. You think you are getting your message across and all of a sudden your patient gets on their smartphone and begins texting.

Well guess what?

once they start texting, they are gone
and there is very little chance of a recovery!

How do you avoid this “texting” from happening in your practice? How do you keep your patients engaged?

It’s called communication and people skills! Please listen: you can be the best damn dentist in your area (skillwise) but if you and your team do not understand how to communicate with your patients, then your practice could be in big trouble.

Rule #1. Speak to your patients regularly!

Rule #2.  When you or anyone on your team are speaking to a patient – smile, look them in the eye, do not speak over their level and act like they are the ONLY person that matters. Because it’s true. They ARE the only person that matters at that particular point in time. If you just follow these simple rules, you will make out fine in over 99% of the cases. Break the rules and see what happens. They will “start texting.” And then you lost them.

If there is any way we can help you with YOUR communication skills, please let us know. Two things you may want to find out more about are how to communicate better on the telephone (our Profitable Scheduling) and how to communicate better through Social Media. We can help you with either or both! Give us a call today. We’re here and our phones are on! And we will NOT be texting while we are talking to you! You are the ONLY thing that matters to us. Try us! 😉

Should You Lose Your Job For This?

  • A dental hygienist cleans 80% of a patient’s teeth and removes “most” of the plaque and calculus.
  • A dental assistant passes the correct instruments some of the time and makes temporaries that are kinda decent.
  • The dental business team member who is responsible for collecting fees is usually within 20% of getting the right amount.
  • A dentist does crowns with margins that are usually pretty good; typically within 2 millimeters of where they should be.

No doubt about it – all of these people would lose their jobs. We are in an exacting profession where the line between success and failure is very slim and there is constantly pressure to be on the right side of that line.

Unfortunately, some offices let this mindset work against them when it comes to practice growth.

We’re afraid to move ahead with something unless it is perfect. That new ad campaign, that great marketing strategy, that idea to begin using social media……are you “almost” ready to do it?

Sure – that sedation course was great, and so was the implant course. But you just need a little more time to get comfortable with it.

Does any of this sound familiar? Instead of “ready, aim, fire” dentists have a tendency to be “ready, aim, aim, aim, aim……….”

But the fact is – sometimes (or maybe any time a patient’s health is not on the line) you gotta be “ready, fire, aim!” After all, what’s the worst that can happen??

If you’ve got some great ideas cooking, don’t wait for perfection – it will never arrive. Put it out there! Stop worrying and start moving! Waiting for something to be 100% correct is the same thing as not allowing your practice to grow.

After all, everythink dos nut have too be perfekt.

Hey – What’s The Small Idea?

Recently a small grocery store chain did a study that showed customers without shopping baskets spend significantly less per visit than those with baskets. (They needed a study to prove that?) They held a meeting looking for a solution to this problem.

All kinds of “big ideas” were discussed – things like coupon dispensers inside of shopping baskets, frequent shopper programs that involved scanning your cart, and many other good yet cumbersome ideas. None of them were ever launched.

Then a “stock girl” had an amazing yet small idea. Knowing that customers without baskets end their shopping once they can no longer carry any more items, she suggested putting additional stacks of baskets throughout the store, so when a customer was about to juggle their final item they could grab a basket.

Did it take a Ph.D to come up with this idea? No. Did it double sales within the first year? Of course not. But the average customer spent 7% more per visit after it was implemented – and who wouldn’t want that? Not a bad result for putting a few stacks of baskets in.

So how about your practice? Sometimes at team meetings we focus too much on the “big ideas” and everyone falters under the pressure. Next time, try asking those in the trenches for some “small ideas” to help solve office problems. You’ll be amazed what everyone can come up with.

Is Anybody Out There?

Here’s a little tip that will greatly increase your new patient numbers and help you to provide much better service to your existing ones.

Once again we are experiencing a tremendous blizzard in the Baltimore area which seems to be getting thicker by the minute. There is pretty much a white-out at The Madow Group world headquarters in Reisterstown, MD.

Despite the fact that the entire metro area is shut down, there will be people with dental emergencies today and an answered phone can easily equal a new patient. But what will that potential new patient hear when they call most offices? Most likely an answering machine.

Now of course most people do not expect dental offices to be open on a day like today. But did you know that up to forty percent of calls to dental offices go unanswered during normal business hours? Yes – it’s true, and in today’s consumer oriented, I-want-it-now society,  that is one hundred percent unacceptable!

Let’s face it – a patient of record does not really care if you are out to lunch, have Wednesdays off, or (yuck) are “busy helping other patients.” And even worse, those potential new patients that you have worked so hard for probably will never call back.

The fact is – your phones need to be answered when a patient calls. There should never be a time during the day when someone gets a robotic machine. So yes – this means having a team member in the office on your days off and during lunch. It will pay off by a huge multiple of whatever that person is being paid. Besides – there’s always something to do in the dental office!

Let’s take it a step further (and better!). It is so simple to get call forwarding put onto your office phone plan. It is also dirt cheap to buy a basic cell phone with an inexpensive calling plan. Do you have it yet? Concentrate. The name of the game is “Snaps.” That’s right – have a team member carry the cheapo cell phone (no calls to Malaysia please) and when someone calls your office (which is actually closed)  – they will have the phone answered live! This is incredible service!

Of course you can start whining and come up with ten reasons why you don’t want to do this, or you can say: “Our office goes the extra mile to get new patients and provide fantastic service to our current ones!” Which office are you?

Okay – time to look out the window and watch the snow fall! If you want more fantastic ways to use the telephone to it’s true potential, be sure to check out our brand new “Profitable Scheduling” program!

A Message For Your Dental Office From Bill Murray

Yes – today is Groundhog Day. Perhaps even more famous now than the day itself is the classic Harold Ramis movie starring Bill Murray. In one of his best roles ever, Murray plays Phil Connors, a sarcastic miserable ego-inflated weatherman for a local TV station who covers Groundhog Day every year.

A blizzard (which ironically Phil failed to predict) keeps him stuck in Punxsutawney an extra day, but that day turns into what seems like an eternity as Phil awakes every morning to find it is still February 2nd.  His negative lifestyle has forced him to live the same day over and over again. After a series of wild daily escapades, it is only when Phil cleans up his act and starts to love life again that he can escape the cycle.

So how about your practice? Are you experiencing a “Groundhog Day?” Are you practicing the same way year in and year out, complaining and whining but making no progress? Has playing it safe led you to a stagnant and unfulfilling practice?

When is the last time you:

  • Learned a new clinical technique and incorporated it into your practice with enthusiasm?
  • Redecorated your office, even with fresh paint, new carpet, different wall hangings – and just created a newer, happier mood?
  • Took the entire team to a high quality practice management course and got out of your comfort zone by truly changing the way you practice?
  • Pumped up your marketing strategies by using Social Media and other current techniques?
  • Joined up with a group of like-minded dentists to brainstorm, share ideas and grow everyone’s practices?
  • Increased your new patient flow by really learning how to handle every single phone call that comes into your office, including “shoppers” and difficult questions such as “Do you take my insurance?”
  • Blocked off a long weekend for the entire team to learn, bond and have a great time together with the ultimate goal of taking your practice to a higher level?
  • …or done ANYTHING to get out of a rut and stop practicing during “Groundhog Day?”

If any of these things ring true to you, make today the day you decide to finally take action! You can have a more successful practice, enjoy dentistry more, and actually, like Phil Connors did, have a much better life. The choice is yours. Make today the day you decide to do it!!