Satisfy Your Hygienist (And Your Accountant!)

There is not much doubt that the Cavitron Plus ultrasonic scaler is the best on the market. As you update or grow your practice it is one of those “must-have” pieces of equipment.

And its also true that your accountant has probably told you that as the year comes to a close, NOW is the time to but any equipment you need to maximize your tax savings.

That’s why our “M”-azing M Club has gotten together an incredible EXCLUSIVE deal on the Cavitron Plus Ultrasonic Scaler and the Cavitron Jet Plus Ultrasonic Scaler with Air Polisher that you just won’t be able to turn down!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close to five hundred dollars off of the price of the Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler and close to a thousand off the Ultrasonic Scaler with Air Polisher.

Plus – to make things more fun, when more than ten people take advantage of this deal, the prices drop by hundreds more!

There is no doubt – this is the time to get one of the finest pieces of equipment made for providing high quality patient treatment AND save on your taxes for 2011. Why settle for some cheapo knock-off when you can get the real thing at this amazing discount?”

To view details of the entire deal and save a ton of money before 2011 comes to a close, please click here.

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By the way – these savings are only good through Friday December 23 – so ACT NOW! Pleae don’t miss out and kick yourself next year.

Thanks for the Memories

To our 2000 friends, exhibitors, educational partners, incredible speakers and of course, fantastic team members who were in Las Vegas last weekend for TBSE 2011 – welcome home!!!!

What an incredible weekend it was!! It’s just impossible to describe the atmosphere of learning, fun, camaraderie, and excitement that takes place at TBSE. It was great seeing so many TBSE veterans and meeting a slew of first timers. To everyone involved – thanks for making it happen!

Of course it is a monstrous endeavor putting on a show like this, and there are way too many people to thank in this email. But to all of you who made it happen – you know who you are –  we give you the biggest posible thanks and show of gratitude. This of course includes our 2000 attendees who came in from all corners of the globe. We know what a huge effort it is to do this and we love you all!!

To those of you who weren’t there – PLEASE mark your calendars right now for November 9 and 10, 2012 – which is when TBSE 2012 will once again rock the house. We promise it will be the best two days you and your team will spend in dentistry!!! You don’t want you to make the mistake of missing this one!!

We plan on relaxing and taking it easy this week – but you’ll still be hearing from us!

So from everyone at The Madow Group – thanks for being a part of what is surely the greatest group of doctors and team members in dentistry!!

P.S.  The M Club was a TREMENDOUS HIT at TBSE! We gave away tons of prizes, including 100 iPads! Even though TBSE is now in the history books, we still want you to join (and it’s always FREE). Call 1-855-THE-MCLUB today and ask what kind of cool stuff we have for you this week just for signing up! It’s the newest and best way to buy your dental supplies! Of course, because it’s by The Madows!

We Built It Just For You!

It didn’t exist – so we created it.
We speak to tons of dentists and team members every single day….that’s what we do.  And as dentists ourselves, we can certainly relate to the many stories of the everyday challenges and struggles that are faced in our profession.
Many of the stories we’ve heard have been about buying dental supplies. Most of us consider it a chore.  At times it can be quite expensive and, let’s face it – it’s not exactly that exciting.
So we had a crazy idea. Can ordering dental supplies actually be fun? Can it be a fantastic experience? Can it be something that you actually look forward to? Shouldn’t it be as uncomplicated, enjoyable and profitable for you as possible?

(Okay – this may sound a little weird. Why would anyone care this much about buying dental supplies? But you gotta do it anyway, so why not make it a great thing? After all, we’re the guys who seventeen years ago said that going to a dental seminar should be as much fun as attending a rock concert and then created TBSE!)
So we partnered with Darby to create The M Club.  But this was not going to be just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill buying club.  This was going to become the “secret” in dentistry that everyone will to want to share!
It’s allowed us to custom-build an array of exclusive programs just for M Club members while also providing concierge-level customer service, incredible rewards and offers that cannot be found anywhere else.  All for FREE.
We just tossed out the rulebook on the same old dental supply experience we have all grown used to.  Instead, you’ll be able to get the best brand name and generic products at much lower costs, one-of-a-kind offers, amazing rewards, and the most satisfying customer experience in dentistry.  Period.
AND if you are headed to TBSE this year, you are really in for something very special.  Because we’re going to give M Club members 5% back on all merchandise purchased at TBSE from participating vendors, including 3M, Dentsply, Crosstex, DMG, Sultan and more.
And did we mention that we’re giving away iPads all day long?

NO other dental show in the universe can do this!  Do your 4th quarter supply shopping at TBSE and never again will you have to put your Thanksgiving plans on hold just to get the absolute best dental supply deals anywhere!
It is just another one of the many ways that we can help you become more profitable, efficient and successful…all while having an absolute blast.  We are the Madow Brothers and this is what we do!

So how can you join? Simply call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB or visit today. After all – it’s FREE!!!

The World’s Most Amazing Dentist

When we were kids, our Mom took us to Dr. Isaac Koppel – a man who could be described as “The World’s Most Amazing Dentist.”
The multi-talented Dr. Koppel had no team members at all, and he could answer the phone, collect money from a patient, drill on a tooth and smoke a cigarette – often all at the same time. His amazing multi-tasking abilities surely kept overhead down, but even as kids we knew this was no way to run a dental office. Even so, some of his forty-plus year old amalgams are still in place!
Everyone these days knows that it takes a true team to have a successful practice. But sometimes, as opposed to Dr. Koppel’s office, it may not be clear exactly what everyone does. Sure – we know that the members of the business team deal with financial matters, appointments and other stuff like that. We certainly know that the hygienists provide periodontal therapy and that the assistants help the doctor with patient treatment. Most offices probably have a protocol for cleaning and setting up rooms, ordering supplies and many of the other tasks that go with the day to day running of the practice.
But one thing that we strongly believe is that EVERY team member is responsible for helping to bring new patients into the practice. Here are a few tips to make sure this is being done:
1) Every single team member needs to have personalized business cards. But it is not enough to have them – they must be given out at every opportunity!
2) All team members must know how to ask for referrals from existing patients. Many times it is actually more effective if team members do this instead of the doctor. Be on the lookout for opportunities such as a patient mentioning their spouse, children, co-workers, etc..
3) Let everyone know that you are a proud member of a dental team. All of the people you transact with on a regular basis – school parents, business owners such as dry cleaners, co-workers of your spouse, etc. need to know that you are a member of a fantastic dental office. Make sure that your e-mail signature says so as well!!
4) Telephone, telephone, telephone!! Every single team member needs to be properly trained in correct telephone skills. If this is not the case, your practice is losing hundreds of new patients each year!! We strongly suggest that you check out our “Profitable Scheduling” training program. Compared to other programs it is inexpensive, fast, and we believe it is the best one out there – guaranteed!! If anything will pay for itself many times over it is getting more potential patients off the phone and into the appointment book!
Even though good old Dr. Koppel may have been the world’s most amazing dentist, he most likely did not have the world’s most amazing practice. It takes an entire team to have a truly amazing practice, and that includes having a great flow of new patients. So remember – don’t ever say “That’s not my job!!!” Take the steps listed here and watch your practice grow!

This is not a party!

The Brothers are on the road again. This time it’s the Illionois State Dental Society. Oh yeah are we going to WOW them. Our seminars are “performances,” unlike anything else in dentistry. As a matter of fact we were in Ocean City, MD last week speaking at The MD State Dental Association. We do some things at the very beginning of our show that are pretty outrageous, and this time something REALLY crazy happened. A “monitor” in charge of the session next to ours came running over to our room where we had just started and at the top of her lungs yelled…

“This is not a disco. This is not a bar. THIS IS DENTISTRY!
Now turn this sh _ t  down or I am going to pull the plug on you immediately.”

Do you know what happened? We totally ignored her and she walked away with her “tail between her legs.” But not before she gave us some real scowling looks. Then our audience got the best dental show they have ever experienced in their lives!

If you have never seen “The Brothers” in action, you gotta make it a point to do so. Our “show” is totally new and updated! Go to and take a look at our schedule. If we are not coming to your area, make sure YOU figure out a way to bring us. We speak to study clubs (large ones), associations, conferences, societies and institutions! The larger the crowd the better. Our goal is to do a stadium show. So if you or someone you know is looking for THE BEST SPEAKERS IN DENTISTRY, it’s time to book The Madows. And the first five groups to call and book us get $3.95 off our honorarium! Be sure to mention the secret word “MADOW!”

Our phone number is 1-888-88-MADOW. Call us right now and we’ll “pencil” your group in! Let’s do it! Oh, and happy 5772.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Reminder: If you are not yet a member of The M Club, it is BY FAR the best way to buy your dental supplies. We have teamed up with Darby to bring you The M Club. Members get the most aggressive pricing in dentistry, your own personal concierge, Darby Rewards, upgrades at Live Madow events and MUCH MORE! Membership is FREE. CLICK HERE to join or call 1-855-THE-MCLUB. And CLICK HERE for the latest M Club newsletter!

Here’s Another Thing You Can Do to Increase Profitablity!

We are now almost one month into the New Year and by this time we’re sure all of you have had the opportunity to review how your practice did in 2009.  We know for many offices the economic turmoil that engulfed our country last year had a big impact on the bottom line profitability of the average dental office.

It is absolutely crucial that you find every bit of cost savings for your office in 2010.  In fact, in this kind of continuing economic environment it is vital for our practices to conserve every penny that would otherwise get spent unwisely.  Remember, it’s not how much you make at the end of the year that determines if your practice is profitable; it’s what you don’t spend!!!!

For more than fifteen years now the Richards Report Buying Group has helped our members save literally millions of dollars on all their dental supplies.  There is no easier way to keep money in your practice than to spend less on dental supplies.

Our Richards Report Buying Group uses Darby Dental Supply for all our dental supply orders.  Darby has multiple warehouses, fast delivery, and all the freshest brand name products any office could ever need.  So it only makes sense then to use the buying power of our buying group to help you save on all those supplies you use every day!

If you have put off joining the Buying Group up until now, it is definitely time! Membership is always free.  That’s right!!!  Free!!! There are no contracts and no hidden costsYou simply buy, save, and smile!

To join and begin saving immediately visit our website or call 1-866-309-9472.  Our highly trained professional staff will be happy to help you get started…

Here is hoping 2010 is the best year ever for your practice!!!