Increase Your Referrals and Treatment Plan Acceptance

There is no one secret to getting 100% treatment plan acceptance or loads of patient referrals – both of these are accomplished by doing many small things correctly.

The main theme of generating both more referrals and income producing procedures is in gaining the patient’s trust and making them feel that they are a valued and unique patient in your practice. This can’t be faked; it must be sincere and meaningful.

A great place to start is simple patient recognition. We have all heard the phrase “I feel like a number” – and if you rush someone and don’t make them feel important that is exactly what they will tell their friends and colleagues – that is if they tell them anything at all. Here is a simple way to get started on the right path – we call it the “Fifteen Foot Rule.” Simply stated:

Any time a team member or the doctor comes within fifteen feet of a patient anywhere in the office they must greet the patient with a nice “hello” or something similar, preferably using their name. For example, Jane the dental assistant is walking down the hallway and looks into a treatment room where George Hammershire is getting x-rays. She simply puts one foot in the room (hopefully not while the button is being pushed) and says “Hello Mr. Hammershire. How are you today?”

It is also great to review the schedule during the morning huddle so all team members will know who is in the office that day.

So will the “Fifteen Foot Rule” generate twenty referrals and have three patients accept all of their treatment tomorrow? Absolutely not. Will it be one of the many steps that makes more patients than ever begin to do those things? Absolutely yes!! Please continue to check this blog for more simple tips to help you “Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Get Rich!!”

Speaking of getting rich, one sure path to financial freedom is to make sure potential new patients are consistently calling your office day after day, month after month. To find out one of the most predictable ways to do so, click HERE!

Eight Things You as a Dentist Need to Know Now About Social Media!

Are you keeping up with what is going on in dental marketing these days? You’re not sure? Well, here’s a statistic that may frighten you. Last month alone 5.4 million people used Google to find a new dentist. That’s right – well over FIVE MILLION PEOPLE ignored all the Yellow Pages ads, direct mail coupons, patient referral programs and everything else you may be doing  – choosing instead to electronically locate a dentist! And well over a million patients stayed in touch with their current dentist, generating millions of dollars worth of treatment, due to what is now being referred to as “Web 2.0” or “Social Media Marketing.”

There is an incredible new way to let people know about your dental office! The good news is that it’s virtually free! The better news is that if you take advantage of this technology now, you will be able to very quickly establish yourself as THE EXPERT DENTIST in your area and basically blow your competition out of the water!  Web 2.0 has the potential to bring more income into your practice than anything you have ever done in the past!



Our special guest on this free training seminar is internationally recognized Social Media and Branding expert Lethia Owens. Lethia has taught dentists all over the United States how to use Social Media to expand their patient base, generate more referrals and get current patients to accept more treatment. No one knows more about social media marketing for dentists than Lethia. That is a guarantee!

And the best thing about Social Media Marketing?

It is free! That’s right – it will not cost you one thin dime!

Here are just a few examples of what you will learn on this free teleseminar:

  • How to maximize the FREE power of social media sites to find new patients and get them to accept your treatment!
  • How to increase revenues by clearly defining your “Brand” and get it noticed in this era of electronic overload!
  • How to produce a dental video online in 90 seconds with this simple device and watch your visibility TRIPLE!

  • How different components of social media such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter and more will all work together to drive your practice to the top!

  • How to establish yourself as the dental expert in your community and generate tons of traffic to your website!

  • How to create an online marketing system that takes minimum time and maximizes your efforts.

  • How to locally dominate the online dental marketplace!

  • Why you don’t just increase your visibility – increase your credibility too!!

  • And much much more!

Not sure if this call is for you? Well how worth it would it be to spend ZERO dollars and just one hour of your time for information that will clearly put you in front of the pack when it comes to growing your practice? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

In order to register, simply email with the words “SOCIAL MEDIA” in the subject and we will immediately send you the private number that you will use on AUGUST 26th along with any instructions. During the call we will be answering your questions about social media marketing. This is your chance to interact with one of the country’s top experts!

Please join us – the number of lines are limited! This teleconference is perfect for the doctor or a key team member who is in charge of marketing! Please don’t miss out!


Eight Things Dentists Must Know About Social Media

Madow Social Media Marketing Summit

Just Announced – Brand New Location!

“Grow Your Dental Practice Like Crazy Through Social Media!!! How Facebook, Websites, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Will Position You As THE BEST OFFICE in the Area!!!”

Dear Colleague,

Are you keeping up with what is going on in dental marketing these days? You’re not sure? Well, here’s a statistic that may frighten you. Last month alone 5.4 million people used Google to find a new dentist. That’s right – well over FIVE MILLION PEOPLE ignored all the Yellow Pages ads, direct mail coupons, patient referral programs and everything else you may be doing  – choosing instead to electronically locate a dentist! And well over a million patients stayed in touch with their current dentist, generating millions of dollars worth of treatment, due to what is now being referred to as “Web 2.0” or “Social Media Marketing.”

There is an incredible new way to let people know about your dental office! The good news is that it’s virtually free! The better news is that if you take advantage of this technology now, you will be able to very quickly establish yourself as THE EXPERT DENTIST in your area and basically blow your competition out of the water!  Web 2.0 has the potential to bring more income into your practice than anything you have ever done in the past!

Think back for a second. Remember 10-15 years ago when dentists were first getting websites? Many had no idea what they were doing but they just wanted to jump on the bandwagon because after all, the mentality was “if the dentist across the street has a site, I better get one.”

Some sites were pretty good; unfortunately most were bad. But good or bad, one of the big problems with these sites was they were impossible for the public to stumble upon. And unfortunately fifteen years later, most dental web sites are the same – they may look good but they are not bringing in many new patients. They are no more than fancy “electronic brochures!”

Search engine optimization (oftentimes referred to simply as SEO) promised to take care of that problem! The idea here is if you tweak your site by adding certain tags and keywords, someone in your area searching for a dentist would easily find you site because it would pop up very high on Google.

But it’s not quite that easy!

Even if you are lucky enough to have the knowledge to optimize your site yourself or to find the right person to help you, there is still an inherent problem using search engine optimization to promote your practice on the web. The problem is this: the only people that will find you are the ones that are actively searching and…

just happened to type in the correct keywords!

What is the likelihood? Most studies show that it is very slim. Plus, Google constantly changes their search parameters, so staying on top of this is almost impossible.

But imagine people in your area finding out about you and your practice in a different way – as they go about their normal online activities such as web browsing, emailing, shopping, social networking, and the like? If that were possible, don’t you think that would be much more of an effective marketing strategy?

Well it’s not only possible – the truly successful and progressive companies, both large and small…

are doing it right now!

It is a brand new approach, combining all of the tools that the internet has to offer which equates to new customers, happier customers and MORE BUSINESS!!!

And right now your dental office can have success with this in the same way that Southwest Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Sony Electronics and many of the other big boys have! There is a definite way of getting your name and message out to the people in your area about you as a dentist.  Not only that, this will be an interested and well-informed group that is very likely to accept treatment recommendations and refer others like crazy to you. And this works with your CURRENT patients as well!

It’s called “Social Media Marketing” and it’s the fastest growing and one of the most effective ways to market a business. It’s taking place right at this very moment and growing like crazy! And the good news is that there are very few dentists that understand how to properly use social media to market their practice. NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Chances are, if you would be asked if you knew what social networking was, you would give one of two responses:

1.    “I have no idea what social networking is.”
2.    “Social networking is stuff like Facebook and Twitter.”

Believe it or not, the first response is the more common. And maybe you think response #2 is fairly accurate. Sorry, it is not!

You see, Facebook and Twitter make up a very tiny portion of what social networking is. Answer #2 would be analogous to saying that nine players make up a baseball team. It is partially correct because those are the obvious people you see on the field at the beginning of the game. But in addition to the starting team, there must be other starting pitchers, relief pitchers and a strong “second string.” And it doesn’t end there. In order to win, you need a manager, coaches, trainers, office personnel and so on. And they all work in conjunction with each other to produce a desired result. The best nine players in the league couldn’t win a game without everything else properly in place.

Social Media Marketing is actually similar. It consists of a series of things that you do online that all work in harmony to produce a specific and very predictable result, which in this case is getting people to find out about your practice, come to you as a patient, accept treatment and refer others! And remember, it will also get your current patients to accept more treatment and talk up your office like crazy!

Right at this very moment there is a gold mine out there, and if approached the correct way, YOU are going to be light years ahead of every dentist in your area!

More good news: this “gold mine” is virtually …


Just imagine if ten years ago you were the only dentist in your area that had a web site. Every time someone would type in “dentist” and “your town,” they would be directed to YOUR web site. That would have been pretty nice, right?

Unfortunately those days are gone. Most social media experts predict that the stand-alone web site as we know it is becoming a thing of the past. Most of your patients and prospective patients will be getting their information about you through various other online methods. That’s not to say you will be losing your regular web site. You will still have it but it will simply be one piece of a MUCH larger picture.

They will be finding out about you and staying in touch with you more through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, and the list goes on and on.

It is happening NOW!

Sound overwhelming? Well yes, it can be. But it can also be very simple and easy to implement with the correct knowledge. And that absolutely DOES NOT mean being a tech genius. One of the most successful social media marketers in the world does not even know how to turn on a computer!! So if you are reading this, you’re already many steps ahead of him!!!

Social Media Marketing is neither haphazard nor difficult. It is a definite plan, which needs to be systematically followed. You simply have to know what to do.

And YOU do not have to be the one doing it. Your time is probably most productive doing dentistry and you want to relax when you are not in the office. Social Media Marketing is not another frustrating, time consuming hands-on project for you. It is something that can actually be put on autopilot, so it’s working even when you are on vacation or sleeping!

At this point you are most likely thinking that you don’t want to miss out on perhaps the best way to market your dental practice in the history of the profession. So how can you find out more?

Research or surf the internet until you find the answer?

Well, unfortunately that would most likely lead to frustrating and inaccurate information, not to mention how long it would take! It’s a lot to take in! Social Media Marketing simply cannot be explained in an article, a lecture or a CD!

So what is the answer? What do you do if you want to not only learn more, but actually be “up and running” in the fastest manner possible?

Here is your answer: Attend a Madow Brothers…


Where everything you need to know to increase your practice’s profits will be revealed – from A-Z!

As respected leaders in the fields of marketing and practice growth for twenty years now, The Madow Group has taught thousands of dentists how to make their practices more profitable than ever. And now there is a new trend that will take dental marketing by storm, and the timing is better than ever to get started. This will be the most fun and lucrative hands-on seminar you will ever attend in your life!

So what exactly does the “hands-on” part mean? It means that as well as getting expert instruction on how all the latest trends in social media and internet tie into your overall marketing plan (and can jettison you ahead of everyone else in your area regardless of what type of marketing you are currently doing) you will be working live with your “virtual assistant,” helping you set everything up every step of the way.

So instead of the typical course where you leave with twenty pages of notes, more confused than ever and have no idea where to start – you’ll actually be up and running immediately! Your new social media marketing plan will actually be working for you…


All you need to do is bring yourself and your laptop. Everything else will be taken care of!! Needless to say, due to the nature of this course, attendance will be strictly limited!!

What will be covered at this amazing two day event? Basically everything you need to know to be not only up and running, but WAY AHEAD OF THE PACK when it comes to Social Media Marketing. We will go from A–Z and teach you exactly what you need to know so that Social Media Marketing can pay off BIG TIME for your dental office.

Here are just some of the things you will be learning:

•    How to maximize the FREE power of social media sites to find new patients and get them to accept your treatment!

•    Step-by-step instructions for how to get started with online social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!

•    How to locally dominate the online dental marketplace!

•    How you stack up against your competition and use this information to enhance your total brand and strategy!

•    Ways to change “You have a nice website” to “I want to be your patient!”

•    How to place specific content in various areas throughout the web and have it link back to your site!

•    Why you don’t just increase your visibility – increase your credibility too!!

•    How to clearly define your “Brand” and get it noticed in this era of electronic overload

•    How to produce a dental video online in 90 seconds with this simple device and watch your visibility TRIPLE!

•    Long term strategies to keep your patients excited and loyal

•    Dynamic secrets to true Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

•    How to easily build a tremendous following of people who will become practice ambassadors – both online and offline!

•    Ways to successfully blog even if you are not a good writer or don’t have the time!

•    How different components of social media such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter and more will all work together to drive your practice to the top.

•    How to establish yourself as the dental expert in your community and generate tons of traffic to your website!

•    How to create a strategy that will be a magnet for attracting new patients and re-energizing existing ones!

•    Why you won’t have to ask for referrals – your media network will do it for you!

•    Tracking, tracking, tracking. How to tell if your efforts are paying off and how to easily shift strategies if necessary!

•    Why you shouldn’t abandon traditional marketing (such as new residents, postcards, etc.) but instead make them blend in to increase your practice by huge proportions!

•    How to create an online marketing system that takes minimum time and maximizes your efforts.

•    Simple ways to get qualified patients to find your website!

•    How to build a magnetic brand image that attracts patients to you!

•    Personal attention to guide you through every step!

•    And much much more!!!


Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow

Rich and Dave Aug 07 Web

The Madow Brothers are known for staying one step ahead of the rest, and there is certainly no exception here. Rich and Dave have been working with Social Media Marketing for quite some time now and are convinced that all successful dentists will ultimately be adapting this marketing strategy. They are bringing the Social Media Marketing Summit to an intimate group of dentists who want to be on the forefront!

Lethia Owens


An internationally known social media expert and personal branding coach and founder of Lethia Owens International, her clients include Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser Busch, The American Cancer Society and dozens more major corporations and charitable organizations. She has even done personal branding work for the IRS!

Lethia is well equipped to help you develop a results based magnetic branding and social media marketing strategy. With a degree in computer science and experience as a certified coach and personal branding strategist, she has traveled the world educating others about social media marketing, and has the knowledge and expertise to make your practice reach its true potential. She is constantly staying on top of the ever changing Web 2.0 landscape and is ready to unleash her knowledge on the dental world!!!

A Complete Team of Virtual Assistants

Lethia will be bringing her team of “Virtual Assistants” to personally hold your hand and work with you every step of the way and to make sure that when you leave, your strategies will be set up and ready to roll!!

Whether you are already up and running with “social media marketing” and “search engine optimization” or you barely know how to use email, if you plan to experience serious practice growth in the next few years, you must take advantage of the newest and most cost-effective way to market your practice!

This extraordinary event will take place in San Francisco on September  25th and 26th, and in order to provide the best instruction possible will be strictly limited to 30 participants.

Just look what some of our participants said via Facebook and Twitter after completing the last Social Media Marketing Summit (you will be able to say the same when you finish).

Picture 1

Picre 4


Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 5

This is the kind of material that you absolutely will not find anywhere else. That is a guarantee!

If you’re new to all of this and would like to gain deep knowledge that will allow you to leverage the power of social media to grow your practice, attract more patients and promote your brand, this program is perfect for you.

If you have dabbled in social networking – congratulations! You are already way ahead of most dentists. But please understand that just being on Facebook does not make you a social media marketer. Ninety-nine percent of the people using social media have no idea how to use it to make big money!

The thirty dentists that attend the two-day hands-on Social Media Marketing Summit in San Francisco will be trained to become experts!

SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2009

Please make your plans to attend, as this course is certain to fill up quickly and sell out.

EARLY REGISTRATION $2995 for each doctor (or first person from office) before September 1, 2009.
$3495 for each doctor (or first person from office) September 1, 2009 and thereafter.
$895 for non-dentists accompanied by doctor (spouse, partner, office manager, etc.)

Includes two lunches, one dinner and a special evening brainstorming reception with Dr. Richard Madow, Dr. David Madow, and Lethia Owens!! All you need to bring is yourself and your laptop computer. Everything else will be supplied!!!

QUESTION: I am a doctor and would like to know whether I should bring a team member from my office?

ANSWER: Although it is not necessary to bring anyone, doctors may wish to bring a key person from the office that is involved with or responsible for marketing.

At this meeting we will not just tell you “You need to optimize your website, be on Facebook and blog every once in a while.” We will give you the tools, help you get started, customize them to make them yours, and make sure that you are ready right out of the gate to elevate your practice using Social Media Marketing. It will be right there for you!

Watch what Dr. David Grayson said after day one of the Social Media Marketing Summit:

[wpvideo Pi8odODU]

The Madow Brothers take their seminars and hands-on courses VERY seriously. This is the first hands-on course they have presented since 2001. Baltimore sold out and so will this one! You certainly do not want to miss it! Please register today!

Registration options:
1.    Click here for your secure registration form.
2.    Call 1-800-258-0060 to speak live to a Madow Group team member!

Don’t “think” about this opportunity for too long. Do what the winners do. Take action right now. Because you know all too well what will happen if you take a pass or forget to sign up! NOTHING is going to change! Tomorrow will be like today, and the day before that.

Is that what you really want?

This seminar will be the best investment you will ever make in your practice and in your future! Come to San Francisco!

Registration options:
1.    Click here for your secure registration form.
2.    Call 1-800-258-0060 to speak live to a Madow Group team member!


Madow Brothers Social Media Marketing Summit Review!

WOW!!! These were truly two incredible days!!!

As you may know, The Madow Brothers Social Media Marketing Summit took place this past Friday and Saturday in Baltimore.  To say that it was a success would be a major understatement. We believe that everyone who attended left with an amazing amount of information that will help them move their practices forward.

Lethia Owens was informative, energetic, and supportive! Our attendees learned all about Web 2.0 and how to use it to increase their practice’s visibility in the community. She, along with her “virtual assistants” even stayed each day after the session ended for as long as necessary to help anyone with any questions they may have had. By the time it was over, everyone was set up and “ready to go!”

Take a look at what Dr. David Grayson said at the end of day one in the video below:

[wpvideo YN52Kh3X]

This was originally supposed to be a one-time event. But after receiving such unbelievable feedback and praise from all that were in attendance, we now realize it would be a disservice to other dentists and teams if they did not have a chance to experience this. So we are now in the process of planning the next Social Media Marketing Summit.

Preliminary details are:

  • September 25-26, 2009
  • San Francisco, CA
  • $2995 for Doctor (or for a team member attending without doc)
  • $895 for team member.

SMM Seminar 8-2009 013

Hotel and other information will be available soon. Since it will be a small group of attendees, spaces will fill up quickly! Please call as soon as possible to register at 1-800-258-0060.

The Dental Event That Absolutely Cannot Be Missed!

Attention Dentists and Team Members – Start Counting NOW!!!
Because the Next 365 Days Will Be Your Most Profitable EVER!
And NO, You Won’t Have to Worry One Bit About
Healthcare Reform,
Tax Increases, the Recession, or Anything Else
the Government May Try to Throw Your Way!

Dear Friend,

If you want to do ONE THING this year to not only guarantee the success of your dental practice, but to earn more money than you ever thought possible in dentistry, and to guarantee the happiest and hardest working team for you, then please read on.

There is something coming up shortly that will make an impact on your practice and on your earnings unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

Just for one moment, close your eyes and imagine being at…

a dental event that is not only fun, but will make you and your team happier and more successful!

Yes – fun and success are the big reasons that doctors and teams keep coming back year after year! Some say it’s equivalent to a dental rock concert. Others call it a giant non-stop informational brainstorming session.

Quite honestly, it doesn’t matter what you call it! Because imagine what your team will think of you when you treat them to this experience. They will NEVER FORGET it!!! At the same time, you will discover the secrets of the most successful offices and ultimately come home recharged, rejuvenated and ready to take your practice to that level you have dreamed of but perhaps never really thought possible!!! And it would be quite unlikely for you not to have your best year ever afterwards!

The Madow Group is presenting the 15th Anniversary of TBSE (The Best Seminar EVER) in Las Vegas on November 12 – 14, 2009 and this is the one event in dentistry that you and your team do not want to miss. The spirit, the energy, and the fun are all reasons enough to join in on this event. But the learning and the success that come from being there will be the “icing on the cake!”

Just read what a few people said after their experience at “The Best Seminar EVER” just last year:

When I heard of TBSE, it made me chuckle. “TBSE,” that’s a pretty bold statement. But you guys have earned that title. You are the BEST! I will bring my whole team here next year for sure!
Bin Hoang, D.D.S. – San Clemente, CA

Dr. Barry R. Schwartz, Leawood, KS

Truly the best seminar ever. If an office did not find the pizzazz to get rolling, they need their pulse checked!
Philip N. Heller, D.D.S. – Indianapolis, IN

How do you do it year after year? We had a fabulous time at TBSE. I am inspired and psyched!!!
Rand Werrin, D.D.S., Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Inventor of the Triple Tray – Pittsburgh, PA

This was our first TBSE and I have had an amazing, life-altering experience – personally as well as professionally. This was the best investment for our office in years.
Diana Greenwald, R.D.A., C.D.A. – Office Manager – office of Dr. Gary Glick – Lake Hopatcong, NJ

It was wonderful! It was the most motivating and inspiring seminar I have ever been to!
Carey Pund – Office of Dr. Craig Ellsworth – Riverside, CA

I love the experience of being here! The energy is awesome, as well as the fact that you get to meet dental professionals from different parts of the USA and the world!
Christina Gamacho – Office of Dr. Kerri-Rae Agin – Woonsocket, RI

I had the best year of my practice career when my team and I got back from TBSE – and this is my 30th year in practice! Thank you Madows!
David Grayson, D.D.S. – Parsippany, NJ

There are literally tons of comments like these filling up several file cabinets in our office! Everyone that comes to TBSE finds it the most educational and motivating event in the profession! Docs continue to come back every year with their teams citing this to be the number one thing they do every year to create success in their practices!

You and your team cannot afford to miss this. It will be two thousand of the most upbeat, friendliest, successful people in dentistry having fun and making their practices even better than they ever thought possible! No one will be moping around complaining about the economy. It’s easy to make excuses. There is a select group that is having their best year yet! The question is do you and your team want to be joining in on the fun and success? It is contagious!

Take a look at the speakers that will be appearing at TBSE this year. Some will speak on clinical dentistry. Others will be purely motivational.  And then there will be the ones that teach secrets of wealth! But the one goal that they all share is to make sure you go home with ideas that will ensure your total success. Oh, and by the way, this will be the best combination of speakers ever assembled at one place for the dental profession. Here they are…

  • RossNash Dr. Ross Nash – Ask anyone who the top clinician in dentistry is, and one name will consistently come up – Dr. Ross Nash! Author, international lecturer, consultant to major dental product manufacturers, and founder of The Nash Institute For Advanced Dental Learning, Dr. Nash truly is the “dentist’s dentist.” But he is not just a fantastic clinician, he is a great teacher and mentor as well. Dr. Nash is incredibly psyched for his first TBSE appearance (so excited that he has invited all alumni of The Nash Institute to come along!) and is prepared to get the entire team just as excited about some easy to implement ways to make incredible improvements in the office. Come see why Ross gets voted one of the top lecturers in dentistry year after year!
  • fredjoyal Fred Joyal – Nobody in dentistry knows more about marketing and the mindset of the patient than Fred Joyal. As CEO and Founder of 1-800-DENTIST Fred has developed more strategies that have generated new patients than anyone else on the planet! His brand new presentation based on his latest research will rock the world of dentistry!  You will learn about:
    • Understanding the consumer attitude about dentistry.
    • Marketing strategies that will make you say “What recession??”
    • The path to a successful team mindset & greater staff retention.
    • How to cultivate patient loyalty (and why!).
    • Understanding the lifetime value of your patients.
    • Maximizing the conversion from a phone call into an actual patient.
    • Creating an environment in which patients feel comfortable accepting treatment.
    • And much much more!!

Do you want more new patients who love your practice and tell everyone they know? Then you better see Fred Joyal at TBSE!!!

  • Drubin Dr. Dan Drubin – Dr. Drubin returns for TBSE 2009 as one of the greatest speakers in the fifteen year history of this event. He has received not one, but two of the loudest and longest standing ovations in TBSE history! Author of three amazingly on-target books that have helped thousands of practices grow in ways they never could have dreamed, Danny is known as the “Master Of Change” and has received accolades from all over North America for helping people transform their lives. His brand new talk just for TBSE contains fantastic jewels of goal setting, patient retention, personal affirmations, and Danny’s “I can do it” secret! Those who have seen Danny previously are thanking us like crazy for inviting him back (actually, it was a no-brainer!) and for those of you who have not yet experienced what Danny Drubin is all about – prepare to be rocked!! You’ll never be the same after seeing Dr. Dan Drubin in person at TBSE!
  • Levin Dr. Roger Levin – Founder of The Levin Group, Dr. Roger Levin is the go-to guy for success in dentistry! Since 1985 he has been improving the lives of dentists and team members with his expertise and enthusiasm. Since Dr. Levin works with the most accomplished practices across the globe, he really knows what works and what doesn’t. So please don’t miss it when he takes the stage to present “Set Your Practice On Fire!!!” Here are just a few of the things you will learn when Dr. Levin takes the stage!
  • Increase production and profit while simultaneously reducing stress!
  • Boosting elective treatment by 15%, 20% or more!
  • Doubling patient referrals by unleashing the power of Stage III Customer Service!!
  • Dramatically increases case acceptance with Greenlight Case Presentation!!
  • Much much more!!

If you are ready for REAL success, come to TBSE and get all “Fired Up” with Dr. Roger Levin!!

Click here now to register!

And there’s MORE!!!

  • darrell Darrell Cain – Darrell Cain is a modern visionary who has helped thousands of dentists and team members across the country achieve financial freedom and have more satisfaction at work. In his brand new talk for TBSE 2009, Darrell will give you a glimpse into the future, and show you how upcoming watershed events will have a tremendous impact on your life and livelihood. The future will belong to those who are enlightened! Be prepared to experience a true genius at work and get the most possible out of life.
  • brattesani Dr. Cynthia Brattesani – a leader in the field of technology and its impact on the dental practice, Dr. Brattesani is one of the hottest up-and-coming speakers in 21st century dentistry. She has traveled the world, teaching dentists and teams how to generate excitement in their offices while sharing her incredible enthusiasm. Dr. Brattesani will show you how she incorporates many human touches to make her practice both high-tech and truly patient centered.
  • troy Troy Evans – Troy Evans comes to TBSE with a story so shocking that words cannot do it justice. When he takes the stage, you’ll find why he spent almost eight grueling years in one of the deadliest places on the face of the Earth dealing with some of the most dangerous people in the world. Troy will be sharing his remarkable story of how he not only survived, but actually bettered himself in the process. His life spent overcoming some of the toughest obstacles that humans can endure has turned into one where he helps inspire thousands of others to be the best that they can be. The story of his life is so amazing that it is being made into a movie – but why wait? You’ve got to be there when Troy Evans speaks to the TBSE audience for the first time, and his message will inspire you like you won’t believe!
  • collette Colette Carlson – Each of us has aspirations – goals we want to achieve, dreams we want fulfilled. But somehow there’s a divide between what we have and what we want. Closing the gap demands we put in place a plan that will last a lifetime. In this startling, inspiring and hilarious program, Colette will unveil her secret process for facing your fears, embracing your weaknesses and coming face to face with what you MUST do to achieve results. It’s not enough to just “think positive” – Colette will arm you with the tools you need to make positive change happen. Oh, and by the way, the entire team will be laughing so hard you may not even realize that you are learning!!
  • DaveRichweb Plus of course the The Madow Brothers!

And more world class speakers to motivate your team!

Take a look at what Dr. Richard Madow has to say about TBSE in this short video…

[wpvideo gZxZLnAs]

By the way, unlike other seminars, TBSE does not end at 4PM each day when the last speaker finishes on stage! Come join us in the exhibit hall for our huge Margarita Party and check out all of the latest and greatest in dental gadgetry. We have tons of exhibitors. Hang out with like-minded dentists and team members from all across North America, listen (or perhaps dance) to music spun by our very own Paul the DJ, and capitalize on the numerous photo-ops so that you will never forget how great of a time you had in Vegas! Oh, and did we tell you about the huge cash prizes you can win while attending TBSE? Yes, it is true, we have drawings and you could win!

When nighttime falls, enjoy a nice dinner at one of literally thousands of restaurants that Las Vegas has to offer. And it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Some of the best places to go are little inexpensive dives off the beaten path! If you are a shopper, Las Vegas is a great place to drop your money, and you can do it anywhere from cheesy dollar souvenir shops to some of the most expensive specialty shops on the planet.

Ready to see a world class show? Then you are in the right place! Again, there are so many choices, we don’t know where to start. If you have never seen “The Beatles Love,” that would certainly be a good place to start! Afterwards, if you have any energy left, hit the casinos, because they are open all night long. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for what kind of fun you may have! As they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and damn if that isn’t true!

Hopefully by now you understand that you and your team need to be a part of this amazing event. It will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton on November 12, 13 and 14, 2009. It is guaranteed to be the three best days you have ever spent in your profession! TBSE always sells out and you do not want to take a chance on getting shut out!

Click here now to register!

Your TBSE experience gets even better as you enjoy being a part of history by staying in the Las Vegas Hilton – the very hotel where Elvis Presley set a world record for sold out concert dates! One of the original Las Vegas mega-hotels, The Hilton has been completely remodeled — from the beautiful marble floored lobby to the modern guest rooms. It is one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas, yet manages to retain the personalized service and attention to detail that the Hilton brand is famous for. And best of all, the new Las Vegas monorail stops right inside the hotel, connecting you almost instantly to The MGM Grand, The Venetian, The Flamingo, Bally’s/Paris, and Planet Hollywood!

The Las Vegas Hilton has received top ratings from Frommer’s Travel Guide and is consistently considered one of the top convention hotels in the world! From the fantastic dining to the headliner showroom featuring Barry Manilow and the state of the art spa and fitness facility (as well as the huge casino and world’s largest sports book), you never have to even leave the hotel! In fact, The Las Vegas Hilton was recently awarded a “Three Diamond Award” by AAA!!

Click here now to register!

Want more??? The regular tuition to attend this mega-event is $1197 for doctors and $597 for team members, and at that price, three days of fantastic continuing education worth 20 CE credits is a steal.

But right now we are offering you a very special tuition – but in order to take advantage of it you MUST sign up as soon as humanly possible. Here is the deal – if you sign up now, your doctor’s tuition is only $397 and your team member’s tuition is only $197. We are going out on a limb to make it as easy as possible for you to join us in Vegas! But please lock it in today!!!

Do you think it could get any better? You bet it can!


That’s right – due to our fantastic attendance, The Las Vegas Hilton has decided to lower the room rate to just $89 per night. But this rate is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!! Our room block is sure to fill up fast and we don’t know how long we can guarantee this special rate. So once you register with us, it is essential that you call The Las Vegas Hilton at 1-888-732-7117 and reserve your rooms as soon as possible. Simply identify yourself as being with “TBSE.” They will make sure that you get this super low room rate. But please – do it now, because our room block will definitely sell out, and this rate will not last forever.

Well, that’s all the big news for now except to say that we cannot wait to see you at TBSE 2009 for what promises to be the best one yet!!

See you in Vegas!!

“The Madow Group Team”

Still not sure this will be your best three days in dentistry? See what Dr. David Madow is about to tell you…

[wpvideo ZmyCyvrt]

P.S. Click here now to register or call our office at 1-888-88-MADOW (or 1-410-526-4780 direct) to quickly and easily get everyone in your office on board at the discounted tuition of just $397 for doctors and $197 for team members and guests.

P.P.S. Then call The Las Vegas Hilton at 1-888-732-7117 to immediately reserve your rooms and be guaranteed the super low TBSE rate of just $89 per night. Please act now – this rate will not last forever!!

P. P. S. Remember that NOW is the time for you to register for TBSE at the very special tuition. And get your entire office pumped and ready to increase your practice income. Click here now to register or call 1-888-88-MADOW to get signed up. Do it now before TBSE 2009 is totally sold out!

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Please do not stop your marketing!

Please do not stop your marketing!

Unfortunately, we hear this one all the time from dentists: “Things are a little tight as far as my cash flow these days, so I have decided to cut back on my marketing.” If you are even remotely thinking this, please be warned that making this mistake could prove to be very serious.

Think about it for a second. There is a very good chance that your bottom line is down 20% or so in this economy right now. That seems to be the national average. Maybe you are doing a little better or a little worse. But if this is true, then you absolutely need new patients, not necessarily to grow your practice, but to at least get your numbers up to where they should be. So you need to continue your marketing or you will slip even farther behind.

Now, of course, we are not recommending that you continue marketing that is not working. We would not recommend that in ANY economy, let alone a down economy. Make sure you are doing things that have been proven to work, especially in tough economic times. There are tons of things that work now.

It is crucial to save money on the things that you are able to save on!

So we have established the fact that halting or postponing your marketing because of the economy is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that you could make. Having said that, there are many areas you SHOULD be saving on. The most important expense that you can start saving on immediately is for your dental supplies. This one is such a no-brainer; we are surprised that 100% of you are not doing this.

It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that your dental supplies comprise a significant portion of your expenses. If you are like the average dental practice, you are most likely buying the equivalent value of a luxury car or SUV each year in dental supplies! If it were possible, wouldn’t it make sense to minimize this expense while purchasing the exact same dental supplies?  Well, this is very possible. As you know, many years ago, we teamed up with David Fry and Bryan Lindsay to create the Richards Report Buying Group. Since its inception, our goal has been to bring our members their dental supplies at the absolute lowest cost possible. The way we are able to do this is the same way that large companies are able to purchase goods at much better prices than the average consumer – by buying in large quantities.

Let me ask you a question: If you wanted to purchase some hamburger buns, do you think you’d be able to do so at the same price that McDonald’s purchases their buns? Or if you needed a flat screen TV, could you get the same price that Marriott Hotels gets? Of course the answer would be no to the above. These companies buy so many hamburger buns and TVs that they get to purchase these at probably half of what we would pay.

Well, the same applies to your dental supplies although not on as grand of a scale, of course. You see, over the last thirteen years, we have brought so many dentists into our buying group that we are able to negotiate what we believe is the best deal on dental supplies in the profession.

Some of the highlights of the Richards Report Buying Group are:

Free membership ALWAYS! Some other groups lure you in with “free membership,” only to find out that it was a teaser and in order

• Fastest shipping to-your-door!

• Dedicated phone number for our members! When you place an order, you call our incredibly dedicated staff at the Buying Group. They will treat you like part of our family! The phone number is 1-866-309-9472.

• Easy signup! Call 1-866-309-9472 immediately and get signed up in a matter of seconds. Then, as soon as you are ready to place your first order, you may call, fax or go online! It is so simple.

We cannot stress enough how important it is right now to join a buying group. In the past, if you wanted to overpay for your supplies, maybe it was easier to make up for it with increased revenues. Today, you need to save every single way you can. This is a MUST!!!!

Others who have promised to help you have come and gone while The Madow Brothers are making more dentists successful every day! Remember, you are not alone anymore!!!

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 1-800-258-0060 and speak with any of our extremely helpful staff.