It’s Tonight!

The Brothers are in California and Michigan this week – all set to deliver incredible information to doctors and team members alike! Just about every single person that leaves a Madow “Love Dentistry” seminar says it was the best day they have ever spent in dentistry! Hopefully you will be seeing us this week or perhaps another time in 2012 when we pull into your town!

And this evening our very own Steve Vargo takes the ‘mic’ to present “The Best Webinar EVER” to tons of you all across North America! Our webinars have become the biggest hit in dentistry simply because it’s so easy to learn how to become the “go-to” office in your area from the comfort of your home or office.

So… are you ready to learn this evening? We certainly hope so! Join us on our FREE webinar and you’ll be on your way to your best year ever simply by applying a few secrets we are going to teach you!

PLUS, there will be a chance to win an incredible prize – so you really should tune in! We’ll fill you in on everything during the webinar! 2012 is YOUR year!!! It’s the year everything is finally going to come together perfectly! It’s going to be great!

The details…
Webinar: BRAND NEW  EDITION of “The Best Webinar EVER”
Date: Tonight, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Time: 9PM Eastern Time
?Free registration:

Many of you know that all of our webinars fill up quickly. We HIGHLY recommend that you register now. Also, when you log in this evening, we highly suggest doing so at least TEN MINUTES early as it is possible that latecomers may be shut out even if you are registered. Every time we put on a webinar, there are people who are not able to log in due to the fact that we reach capacity. And we do not record these. So again, PLEASE register now and log in way early!!!

Register NOW at
Call us today if you have any questions. Our number is 1-888-88-MADOW.

Great Gift To Promote Your Practice

With all of the hype and media overload about Christmas, Hanukkah and the Wiccan Sacrificial Feast, you may be sick of the holidays before they even get here.

But please don’t let that stop you from giving some fantastic gifts that are incredibly inexpensive, will be loved by patients and team members, and can promote your practice as well.

Our favorite stocking stuffers and menorah monopolizers this year are the “Chic Flic” and Whitening Pen from our friends at Whiter Image Dental.
The “Chic-Flic” has a whitening pen on one side and lip plumper on the other (gotta have those plump lips for the holidays) and to put it simply – it has the coolest packaging we have ever seen in a dental product. It looks like a lipstick case and has small lit mirrors on each side. Your patients and team members will love these – and best of all they will show them off to everyone!

If you are looking for a super-cool dental-related gift to give out to some of your favorite patients or anyone who wanders in over the next few weeks, look no further – this is it!!!

Of course since we are always looking out for you, we convinced our friends at Whiter Image to give you a special deal for the holidays.

If you buy 12 Chic-Flics or Whitening Pens, they’ll give you one for free. Buy two dozen and get three free, and buy three dozen and they will give you five for free!!

We love their products!! They are super cool, loved by everyone, promote your practice, and they actually work!!

So give our friends at Whiter Image a call at 1-877-944-8330 x 101 or check out their website at Go ahead and start stuffing!!

And while we’re in the spirit of giving, whatever you do – don’t miss our FREE webinar on Wednesday night!

Our very own Melissa Lierman will be sharing tons of fantastic NEW ideas on ways to use social media and the internet to promote your practice.

This will NOT be some theoretical hodge-podge. Mellisa is ready to teach you things that you will not hear anywhere else that will bring NEW PATIENTS and INCREASED REVENUE right to your door!

It’s at 9:00 PM ET and you do not want to miss it! To register, just click here or go to

Here’s the full scoop:

Webinar: Holiday Social Media Secrets Guaranteed to Boost Your Practice!
Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Time: 9PM Eastern Time
Free registration:

How To Make Your Practice Shine During The Holidays!

How can you make your practice shine this holiday season? We’re not talking about hanging up the tinsel and garland and lighting the menorah in your office. The real question is this:

What are you doing for your community and how are you getting the message out there to the people who need to hear it?

Many of you have been asking us what you can do during the holidays to REALLY get people in your area talking about you. With everyone’s minds on the holidays, is there anything you can do to get your phone ringing with new patients and get your existing patients excited about their treatment as well?

Believe it or not – the answer is YES!

And the best news is – we have a holiday present for you!! (Yes – it’s a present so it is our gift to you!!)

Please mark your calendar right now for Wednesday December 7, 2012 at 9 PM ET.  Your gift won’t be under the tree or next to the dreidel – it will be right on your computer as we present the next chapter of The Best Webinar Ever!

On this FREE webinar, our very own Melissa Lierman will be giving you tons of ideas for simple and free ways you can use social media to make YOUR practice the “go-to” practice in your area. Nothing will be getting more publicity in 2012 then social media – so NOW is the time to jump on and find out what it is all about! Let’s face it – the old ways of marketing are over – and more people than ever are turning to their computers when looking for a new dentist. Plus – your very own patients are all looking on the internet for dental information.

Please mark your calendars now! This is a busy time of year and you DO NOT want to miss this one!

Whether you are already using social media to promote your practice or you are a total beginner – you need to be up on the latest information.

If you have never experienced one of our webinars, you are really missing out on some great FREE information. Only The Crazy Madow Brothers are doing this for you! Please take advantage of it!

To register is simple….just click here or go to Make sure you pre-register now as spaces are limited!

Meanwhile, enjoy the start to this magical holiday season and we will see you next week on The Best Webinar Ever