The World’s Most Amazing Dentist

When we were kids, our Mom took us to Dr. Isaac Koppel – a man who could be described as “The World’s Most Amazing Dentist.”
The multi-talented Dr. Koppel had no team members at all, and he could answer the phone, collect money from a patient, drill on a tooth and smoke a cigarette – often all at the same time. His amazing multi-tasking abilities surely kept overhead down, but even as kids we knew this was no way to run a dental office. Even so, some of his forty-plus year old amalgams are still in place!
Everyone these days knows that it takes a true team to have a successful practice. But sometimes, as opposed to Dr. Koppel’s office, it may not be clear exactly what everyone does. Sure – we know that the members of the business team deal with financial matters, appointments and other stuff like that. We certainly know that the hygienists provide periodontal therapy and that the assistants help the doctor with patient treatment. Most offices probably have a protocol for cleaning and setting up rooms, ordering supplies and many of the other tasks that go with the day to day running of the practice.
But one thing that we strongly believe is that EVERY team member is responsible for helping to bring new patients into the practice. Here are a few tips to make sure this is being done:
1) Every single team member needs to have personalized business cards. But it is not enough to have them – they must be given out at every opportunity!
2) All team members must know how to ask for referrals from existing patients. Many times it is actually more effective if team members do this instead of the doctor. Be on the lookout for opportunities such as a patient mentioning their spouse, children, co-workers, etc..
3) Let everyone know that you are a proud member of a dental team. All of the people you transact with on a regular basis – school parents, business owners such as dry cleaners, co-workers of your spouse, etc. need to know that you are a member of a fantastic dental office. Make sure that your e-mail signature says so as well!!
4) Telephone, telephone, telephone!! Every single team member needs to be properly trained in correct telephone skills. If this is not the case, your practice is losing hundreds of new patients each year!! We strongly suggest that you check out our “Profitable Scheduling” training program. Compared to other programs it is inexpensive, fast, and we believe it is the best one out there – guaranteed!! If anything will pay for itself many times over it is getting more potential patients off the phone and into the appointment book!
Even though good old Dr. Koppel may have been the world’s most amazing dentist, he most likely did not have the world’s most amazing practice. It takes an entire team to have a truly amazing practice, and that includes having a great flow of new patients. So remember – don’t ever say “That’s not my job!!!” Take the steps listed here and watch your practice grow!

Once They Start Texting – Part One

What would you think if you took your spouse or your significant other to a beautiful romantic dinner and halfway through the meal, she (he) started texting a friend?

How about if you were taking a piano lesson and while you were playing a beautiful piece that you had been working on so diligently, you look up only to see your teacher texting?

You are going through a rough divorce and you catch your lawyer texting under the table during the trial.

You are speaking to a patient about necessary treatment. You think you are getting your message across and all of a sudden your patient gets on their smartphone and begins texting.

Well guess what?

once they start texting, they are gone
and there is very little chance of a recovery!

How do you avoid this “texting” from happening in your practice? How do you keep your patients engaged?

It’s called communication and people skills! Please listen: you can be the best damn dentist in your area (skillwise) but if you and your team do not understand how to communicate with your patients, then your practice could be in big trouble.

Rule #1. Speak to your patients regularly!

Rule #2.  When you or anyone on your team are speaking to a patient – smile, look them in the eye, do not speak over their level and act like they are the ONLY person that matters. Because it’s true. They ARE the only person that matters at that particular point in time. If you just follow these simple rules, you will make out fine in over 99% of the cases. Break the rules and see what happens. They will “start texting.” And then you lost them.

If there is any way we can help you with YOUR communication skills, please let us know. Two things you may want to find out more about are how to communicate better on the telephone (our Profitable Scheduling) and how to communicate better through Social Media. We can help you with either or both! Give us a call today. We’re here and our phones are on! And we will NOT be texting while we are talking to you! You are the ONLY thing that matters to us. Try us! 😉

“What If You Could Have More New Patients Than Ever Before With Absolutely No New Marketing, Mailings, Referral Programs, Ads, or Anything Else?”

It’s easier than you could ever imagine – how to do it?
It’s all explained right here in this letter!

Dear Colleague,

Two dentists practice a block apart from one another in the same town. The first dentist has an incredibly modern office loaded with every expensive gadget and gizmo he can find. In the last twelve months he has spent over thirty thousand dollars attending high-end seminars to learn about various cutting edge clinical techniques and is considered to be a fantastic dentist by his peers.

The second dentist is a great dentist also, but she doesn’t have a flashy office or the absolute latest equipment. However, she has discovered an easy way to triple her new patient numbers just by changing around a few simple things. Who do you think has the more successful practice?

If you guessed the second dentist, you are right!

A recent study has shown that over 83% of a dentist’s production comes from patients who have been in the practice one year or less. The obvious lesson? It is extremely difficult to have a booming practice without high quality new patients – lots of them!

Of course there are all kinds of programs out there promising you more new patients. Most of them involve some kind of expensive marketing campaign or crazy referral schemes – and none of them really work.

But here’s the amazing thing. You can predictably double or triple your new patient numbers without doing any of that stuff. You see – there is an excellent chance that new patients are actually banging on your door begging to be seen and you are not letting them in! The problem? Your team doesn’t have the proper training to get every single potential new patient that calls on the telephone to actually appoint.

When a caller to your office asks “How much is a cleaning?,” does your team know the proper response that will convert that caller into a satisfied new patient?  How about the dreaded question “Do you take my insurance?” This is one of the most mishandled calls in dentistry! It’s even worse if the potential patient has an HMO that you don’t take. But there is a way to get them into your practice! And what about a simple question such as “What are your hours?” You wouldn’t believe how that one can be botched!

The thing is, potential patients are calling your office every day. But most of them are not making it into your chair. And worse, you never even hear about them. Or if you do, perhaps it’s in the form of “Oh that was just a shopper.” (There is actually a very simple way to turn “shoppers” into patients!)

The good news is – now you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars or invest six months of your time to get the entire office up to speed in scheduling more new patients than ever.

Introducing “Profitable Scheduling” by The Madow Brothers!

Who are The Madow Brothers? We are actual dentists just like you who speak from the experience of being in the trenches. For over twenty years we have been helping our colleagues achieve success and have the track record to go along with it.

Our brand new Profitable Scheduling program is already helping over 500 dentists across the country schedule more new patients than ever before!

What is Profitable Scheduling? It’s the absolute BEST training system on the market to get your dental front desk team to be the true experts. To get them to convert every “caller” into a patient!

It’s simple, inexpensive and quick. It’s two CDs and a workbook. That’s it. No long-term programs are needed.  You don’t have to mortgage your house to afford it. Your team will be trained and up to speed in two quick hours!

“Our new patient numbers tripled within the first month and are continually getting better and better!”
Dr. Mark Herman, Delray Beach, FL

“I have a fantastic team and thought they were doing everything right. Wow – was this an eye opener! No more ‘shoppers’ and questions – just more new patients than we ever thought possible!!”
Dr. Glynn Rattner, Houston, TX

“Profitable Scheduling” is perhaps the BEST thing you could for your practice!

And listen to this. There is no-risk to give it a try. Use the “Profitable Scheduling” program for one full year and if you are not thrilled with your new patient numbers, feel free to send it back for a 100% no questions asked refund.

But it gets even better! Much better!

Because we really want to see you succeed, when you purchase
“Profitable Scheduling” at our discounted professional price, we will send you a $724 practice building success library ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Now that seems like a no-brainer if we ever saw one!

So what’s in this library? Some brand new exclusive stuff that is hot off the presses!

Bonus # 1  – DVD: “Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice And Dice It!!” (Value $147)

We all work way too hard to have the overhead monster come in and steal our hard-earned money! This incredible DVD will show you ways to slash your overhead that you have never thought of! Things like:

  • A simple way to lower your rent immediately – even if you have a long-term lease!
  • Increase hygiene production (and lower overhead) with this simple twist on the exam!
  • Why “lazy expenses” are killing your take home pay and how to get rid of them
  • Instantly slash your dental supply and lab bills starting TODAY!
  • How much you should be spending on salaries, lab, supplies, rent and more – and how to lower every single one of them!
  • And much much more!!!

Bonus # 2 – DVD: “Powerhouse Referrals!” (Value $147)

We all know that the best patients are those who are referred by others in our practice. But none of us want to seem desperate or like we are begging our patients! This brand new DVD reveals some incredible techniques for getting referrals by the score! You’ll learn things like:

  • Something to put in your reception area that will have patients tripping over each other to send in all of their friends!
  • A simple way to turn your regular emails into an automatic referral machine!
  • Why other health professionals in your community will benefit by sending patients to you!
  • How to get local businesses such as banks, dry cleaners and restaurants to recommend your office to all of their customers! It’s simple and it works!
  • How to easily cultivate patients who refer over and over and over again!
  • Why dental specialists will readily refer qualified patients to you if you do this one simple thing!
  • And much, much more!

Bonus # 3 – Audio CD: “100 % Treatment Plan Acceptance Starting Tomorrow!” ($99 value)

What good are all of those brand new patients if they are not accepting the fantastic treatment you are recommending? This CD will show you, from start to finish, how to get all of your patients to follow through on your treatment suggestions! This program alone can put hundreds of thousands of dollars into your pocket. You’ll learn things like:

  • How to present a $25,000 treatment plan in ninety seconds that a patient will never say no to!
  • Why all the big expensive case presentation courses are dead wrong and will undermine your practice!
  • The right way to present outside financing. Everyone says “YES!”
  • Why treatment plan acceptance begins before a new patient even walks in the door!
  • How a ten second phone call can skyrocket your case acceptance!
  • And much much more!!!

Bonus # 4 – Audio CD: “Social Media – Jump In Or Get Left Behind!” ($99 value)

Whether you are already involved in Social Media, have been wondering what all the fuss is about, or have no idea what it is, this incredibly informative program is a must listen if you want to put your office on the forefront of dentistry! Here is a small sampling of what is on this CD:

  • Why your fantastic website may be totally worthless!
  • How to easily position yourself as the “expert” dentist in your community!
  • Simple ways to appeal to the most desirable demographic in dentistry!
  • Five things that are simple to do, fun and free – and will have new patients knocking your door down!!
  • Why you need to jump in or get left behind!!
  • And much, much more!

Remember- all of this is included when you try out “Profitable Scheduling!”

Bonus # 5 – Audio CD: “Secrets Of The Eight Million Dollar Practice” by Dr. Vincent Monticciolo ($79 value)

Dr. Monticciolo is the sole owner of a dental practice in Florida which consistently produces over eight million dollars per year! With just two associates they see over 300 new patients per month in a low stress environment. Hear the secrets of one of the country’s highest producing dentists as he explains the systems he developed to create this amazing practice! You will learn:

  • How one dentist with two associates produces and collects over Eight Million Dollars per year in a low stress practice!
  • The true secret to hundreds of new patients each month. Surprise!!!
  • What clinical procedures are the most profitable and how to do more of them!
  • A simple way to get free and incredibly valuable attention in your area!
  • How to avoid disgruntled patients suing you and blasting you on the internet!
  • And much much more!!

Bonus # 6 – Audio CD: “Tap Into Hygiene Profits” by Rachel Wall, RDH ($79 value)

Rachel Wall is an incredibly talented hygienist who now coaches practices all over the country. She has proven that the hygiene department is an overlooked source of untapped production and shows that any practice can seriously increase their hygiene numbers by making a few simple changes. In this program you will learn:

  • Ten things dentists must implement now to tap into hygiene profits!
  • A formula to optimize hygiene profitability that works every time!
  • Why separating your new and existing patients is so important!
  • The most productive procedure your hygiene department can perform to build your practice!
  • Three easy ways to get your hygienist to beg for more profits!
  • And much much more!

Bonus # 7 – Book: “Multi-Million Dollar Dental Practice” by Dr. Mike Kessner ($49 value)

Dr. Mike Kessner has been practicing dentistry in the Houston, Texas area for over 25 years. His story reads like a typical dentist – moderate success, burnout, self-doubt, etc.. He tried the blue collar practice, the “high-end” practice, studied with the clinical and management gurus – but nothing seemed to work. After much frustration, he sold his practice and worked as an associate.

Then, something unbelievable happened that would change his life forever. How unbelievable? It has been featured on Oprah and a made-for-TV movie! That catalyst got Mike so fired up that in a five year period he created a multi-million dollar practice!

In this fantastic book, Mike outlines the philosophies which helped him to build a truly recession-proof mega-successful practice in an area which is flooded with dentists. He is now NETTING well over one million dollars per year! Think you can’t earn that kind of income in dentistry? Well think again!! This amazing book, one of the best we have come across in years, will be the start of your new dream practice and life!

SPECIAL BONUS # 8 – Book: “Everything Is Marketing” by Fred Joyal ($25.00 retail; priceless value!)

No doubt about it – Fred Joyal, co-founder and CEO of 1-800-DENTIST, is one of the most brilliant marketing minds in dentistry and is responsible for helping thousands of practices grow. His landmark book, Everything Is Marketing, is one of our favorite dental books of all time. In this book you will find topics like:

  • Why dentistry’s business model gives us a huge advantage!
  • How to create an unforgettable patient experience!
  • Why patients leave your practice – and how to keep them for life!
  • Proven ways to boost patient loyalty and word of mouth referrals!
  • Secrets to building a great team that you patients will love!
  • And much, much more!

The tips in this amazing book are practical, easy to put into action, and will cause explosive practice growth!

This is stuff that you just won’t find anywhere else, and you can now have it for…


So what do you think? Are you ready to train your team in just two hours to handle every single difficult call that comes into the office and the not-so-difficult ones also? Are you prepared to see how these new skills will double or even triple the amount of new patients coming into your practice?

Now you can open the door to more new patients without doing any more marketing! Plus, even if you decide to return this amazing program (which you won’t!) the fantastic practice library is your to keep!

Best of all,

We are offering “Profitable Dental Scheduling” at a very low price!

  • Train any team member quickly and effectively to be the best phone person ever in two hours or less!
  • Box set includes two CDs, workbook, toll-free phone and online support!
  • Easy to use for team members at any level – no confusing or complicated systems!
  • New team members can be up to speed in no time at all!
  • Best return on investment of ANY scheduling system!
  • Totally guaranteed results!

“Profitable Dental Scheduling” Regular Price – $597

Your Professional Price – $497!!

Plus – order now and you will get this amazing $724 practice-building library absolutely free!!

  • Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice and Dice It! (DVD)
  • Powerhouse Referrals (DVD)
  • 100% Treatment  Plan Acceptance Starting Tomorrow! (CD)
  • Social Media – Jump In Or Get Left Behind! (CD)
  • Secrets Of The Eight Million Dollar Practice! (CD)
  • Tap Into Hygiene Profits! (CD)
  • Multi-Million Dollar Dental Practice! (Book)
  • Marketing Is Everything! (Book by Fred Joyal, CEO 1-800-DENTIST)

And remember – if Profitable Scheduling does not increase your new patient numbers like crazy within the first year, you may return it for a complete refund and keep all the bonuses!

To order this practice-changing program, please CLICK HERE or simply call 1-888-88-MADOW today! If the link does not work quickly, simply go to and click “Profitable Scheduling” at the top.

To your success,

Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow

P.S. We only have a limited number of these bonus items and don’t want you to miss out! Call 1-888-88-MADOW,or go online today.

P.P.S. – Think about this. You could pay some “fancy pants” consultant $30,000 to improve your practice, and if you get no results that money is lost and gone forever! But when you purchase “Profitable Dental Scheduling,” if you don’t double your new patient numbers in one year, we will gladly give you a 100% refund. And you keep every bonus item we sent you! You can’t lose!

A Mid-Winter Mix of Info

Scenario: A call comes in to your office and the person on the other end asks the question “How much is a cleaning?”

Now of course you have been doing some good marketing and it’s just starting to pay off. But you are busy and you are not able to monitor the calls that come in. You don’t even know about most of them.

What are the possibilities here?

  1. The correct fee for a cleaning is quoted.
  2. The call is terminated quickly because the caller is a “shopper.”
  3. The caller is asked if he or she has insurance and what type it is.
  4. The caller is told that we really can’t quote a fee because we don’t know what kind of a cleaning he or she will need.
  5. The caller is told that cleanings are not done on the first appointment.

Which one out of the above possibilities are you praying that your front desk person says? Well guess what? None of them are effective.

By the way, do you know exactly how this type of call is being handled? Probably not. But even if you were standing right there, would you even know what the most best answer is? They certainly did not teach you this in dental school.

Listen. We are six weeks into this year. Resolutions that you made on New Years day are quickly fading. Don’t you agree if there is one thing you should do this year, it would be to have your team properly trained to get callers from the phone into the appointment book easily and predictably?

Good news – you no longer have to pay thousands of dollars and then put your team through painful, agonizing, embarrassing, lengthy training videos. Yes, there is a much easier way now. Please do yourself and your team a favor and click HERE to find out more!

Next.  Our Social Media Marketing Summit in Baltimore last week was our best one yet by far! What a great group of people we had here! Everyone that was in attendance came away not only totally set up, but with a “blueprint” if you will, of EXACTLY what they need to do. If you have been living in a cave for the past year, Social Media Marketing is only getting stronger and it’s something every dentist needs to be doing for his or her practice if they want to survive the next ten years!

Our next course is in Chicago on March 19-20, and then in Phoenix on April 9-10. These are both filling up quicker than ever and if you are considering learning with us, you should sign up now! Click HERE for more info about this amazing course that dentists are calling “the best two days I have ever spent in dentistry!”

Onward. We just put the final touches on our February Dental Powerhouse DVD, and it should be in the mail within a few days to our Powerhouse members. This month’s program teaches you how to get more referrals than ever using some really cool original techniques. Not a Powerhouse member? It’s not too late to get in on this month’s program. Click HERE to see what you are missing.

Lastly, thanks so much for being a Madow friend! If you ever have a question for us, it is now easier than ever. Many people are turning to our Facebook page and asking us questions right there. It’s simple to do and you will always get a very quick response. Plus, our thousands of Facebook fans will get to learn as well as they look on. What a win-win Social Media is!

Have a great day today. If you are one of the many stranded in the mid-Atlantic region blizzards (as we are), please enjoy it and just make sure you kiss a loved one!

Until next time… your friends – The Madow Brothers!

Is Anybody Out There?

Here’s a little tip that will greatly increase your new patient numbers and help you to provide much better service to your existing ones.

Once again we are experiencing a tremendous blizzard in the Baltimore area which seems to be getting thicker by the minute. There is pretty much a white-out at The Madow Group world headquarters in Reisterstown, MD.

Despite the fact that the entire metro area is shut down, there will be people with dental emergencies today and an answered phone can easily equal a new patient. But what will that potential new patient hear when they call most offices? Most likely an answering machine.

Now of course most people do not expect dental offices to be open on a day like today. But did you know that up to forty percent of calls to dental offices go unanswered during normal business hours? Yes – it’s true, and in today’s consumer oriented, I-want-it-now society,  that is one hundred percent unacceptable!

Let’s face it – a patient of record does not really care if you are out to lunch, have Wednesdays off, or (yuck) are “busy helping other patients.” And even worse, those potential new patients that you have worked so hard for probably will never call back.

The fact is – your phones need to be answered when a patient calls. There should never be a time during the day when someone gets a robotic machine. So yes – this means having a team member in the office on your days off and during lunch. It will pay off by a huge multiple of whatever that person is being paid. Besides – there’s always something to do in the dental office!

Let’s take it a step further (and better!). It is so simple to get call forwarding put onto your office phone plan. It is also dirt cheap to buy a basic cell phone with an inexpensive calling plan. Do you have it yet? Concentrate. The name of the game is “Snaps.” That’s right – have a team member carry the cheapo cell phone (no calls to Malaysia please) and when someone calls your office (which is actually closed)  – they will have the phone answered live! This is incredible service!

Of course you can start whining and come up with ten reasons why you don’t want to do this, or you can say: “Our office goes the extra mile to get new patients and provide fantastic service to our current ones!” Which office are you?

Okay – time to look out the window and watch the snow fall! If you want more fantastic ways to use the telephone to it’s true potential, be sure to check out our brand new “Profitable Scheduling” program!

A Message For Your Dental Office From Bill Murray

Yes – today is Groundhog Day. Perhaps even more famous now than the day itself is the classic Harold Ramis movie starring Bill Murray. In one of his best roles ever, Murray plays Phil Connors, a sarcastic miserable ego-inflated weatherman for a local TV station who covers Groundhog Day every year.

A blizzard (which ironically Phil failed to predict) keeps him stuck in Punxsutawney an extra day, but that day turns into what seems like an eternity as Phil awakes every morning to find it is still February 2nd.  His negative lifestyle has forced him to live the same day over and over again. After a series of wild daily escapades, it is only when Phil cleans up his act and starts to love life again that he can escape the cycle.

So how about your practice? Are you experiencing a “Groundhog Day?” Are you practicing the same way year in and year out, complaining and whining but making no progress? Has playing it safe led you to a stagnant and unfulfilling practice?

When is the last time you:

  • Learned a new clinical technique and incorporated it into your practice with enthusiasm?
  • Redecorated your office, even with fresh paint, new carpet, different wall hangings – and just created a newer, happier mood?
  • Took the entire team to a high quality practice management course and got out of your comfort zone by truly changing the way you practice?
  • Pumped up your marketing strategies by using Social Media and other current techniques?
  • Joined up with a group of like-minded dentists to brainstorm, share ideas and grow everyone’s practices?
  • Increased your new patient flow by really learning how to handle every single phone call that comes into your office, including “shoppers” and difficult questions such as “Do you take my insurance?”
  • Blocked off a long weekend for the entire team to learn, bond and have a great time together with the ultimate goal of taking your practice to a higher level?
  • …or done ANYTHING to get out of a rut and stop practicing during “Groundhog Day?”

If any of these things ring true to you, make today the day you decide to finally take action! You can have a more successful practice, enjoy dentistry more, and actually, like Phil Connors did, have a much better life. The choice is yours. Make today the day you decide to do it!!

21 Phrases That Should Never Be Said to Someone Calling Your Dental Office!

Our extensive research shows that there are some really scary things taking place in your dental office. YES, YOURS!!! Unless you are in the extreme minority (perhaps 3%) of offices, what we are going to tell you is happening at your front desk.

Whatever you may have been doing to get new patients (space ads, social media, new resident mailings, 1-800-DENTIST, Yellow Pages, etc.), if you’re team is saying any of these twenty phrases when someone calls your office, you may be losing up to 90% of the potential new patients. Sad but true!

So let’s say someone calls your office and they are interested in coming in as a new patient. Typically many of these callers ask a “stupid” question, simply because they really don’t know what to ask. “How much is a cleaning” is a very common one.

If you do nothing more, please make sure none of the following 21 phrases are being said to a caller who asks how much it is for a cleaning.

“It depends what type of cleaning you need.”

“Do you have insurance?”

“It depends on your periodontal condition.”

“Do you have recent bitewings?”

“We don’t do cleanings on the first visit.”

“When is the last time you had a cleaning?”

“Hold please.”

“Are you a new patient?”

“We don’t quote fees over the phone.”

“If you have a lot of calculus, we need to scale by quadrants.”

“Who’s calling?”

“How did you find out about our office?”

“Do you have any pockets?”

“Our hygienist can’t see you for two months!”

“Sorry, we’re not open on Fridays.”

“We have to appoint you with the doctor before you can have a cleaning in OUR office.”

“I’m sorry, we’re on vacation that week.”

“We don’t accept patients with THAT insurance.”

“We’re going to have to schedule you for an exam, pan and bitewings.”

“You’re going to have to fill out this form first.”

“You have reached the office of…” (answering machine)

We suggest you get together with your team and have a meeting to determine if any of these phrases are being said to your callers. If they are, they are potential roadblocks to getting new patients into your practice. Please take some time to figure out how you can avoid having ANY of these phrases said to callers!

Maybe there are some other phrases that we did not list here. If you have any, we would love to hear them, so please email them to us! We will compile them for a future article and hopefully we can help even more offices be more efficient!

If you would like to have your entire team trained easily, quickly and effortlessly to be total professionals on the phone as well as get practically every caller into your appointment book, you may want to check out our “Profitable Dental Scheduling.” With “PDS” your team will be trained and ready in two hours. It’s that simple!

Plus, with “Profitable Dental Scheduling,” you no longer have to spend an arm and a leg to be the best that you can be, and you will not be harassed to join more expensive programs! You can have confidence that a Madow product will get the job done for you the first time and the right way!!!! Click HERE for more information on “Profitable Dental Scheduling!”


There is something very scary going on in most dental offices across the country – probably yours. Learning what it is and taking the proper steps to correct it could be one of the biggest things you ever do to help your practice grow. What is it? Please read on.

But first – want to have some fun? Pull out the Yellow Pages – oh wait a minute – no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore! Go to your computer and Google “Dentist” and the name of any city or town. Find a listing that you like and then go to the telephone and give them a call, asking one of the following questions:

 –         How much do you charge for a cleaning?
 –         Do you take dental insurance?
 –         Where are you located?
 –         Do you do cleanings and crowns?
 –         Are you accepting new patients?
 –         I just moved here from out of town and my previous dentist told me I need some gum treatment, six crowns and a root canal. I would like to pay in cash. Is that alright?

After they answer the question, just say “okay – thanks for the information.” What will happen? Over 90% of the time they will not put you on the schedule! How do we know?

Since 1995 we have been doing “secret shopper” calls at our live events and as a service to offices that we work with. And it is amazing how most team members simply have not been properly trained in converting a caller into an actual patient. The scary part is that your office could be losing nine out of ten potential new patients because of this!

Think about all of the questions on that list. What they are really asking is “May I become a new patient in your practice?” And ninety percent of the time the answer is “NO!”

Think this is happening in your office? Do you want to know? You should. After all, you need to know if you are losing potential new patients! Well, we would love to help you find out with a


That’s right – our expert team will secret shop your office and record the call. We’ll give you a grade from zero to one hundred with an explanation of what went wrong (or right!) and some fantastic suggestions to help you increase your telephone skills. We will also include a detailed report to let you know exactly what you need to do in order to be scheduling many more new patients in 2010!

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this call is not to poke fun or belittle anyone – it is to help your team and your practice become a new patient scheduling machine!

Just go ahead and submit the following contact information and pretty soon you’ll be “secret shopped” – the first step on the way to significantly increasing your new patient flow! After all, potential new patients are calling offices all across the country and being turned down. Don’t let it happen in your office!

Please note – this request must come from the doctor or practice owner! By filling out and submitting this electronic form, you are giving The Madow Group permission to place a “secret shopper” call to your practice, record the call, and send a detailed report back to your office. Are you ready? Then just click this link:

I Want A Free Secret Shopper Call!

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I Want A Free Secret Shopper Call!