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Ten Things A Dentist Should Never Say!

a dentist should never say

Ten Things A Dentist Should Never Say!

Dr. Rich has visited hundreds if not thousands of dental practices, and in this episode he shares ten things he has actually heard many dentists say – that should NEVER be said!

Then we go to the secret shopper calls with a simple question – “Do you take Delta Dental?” (All of the offices did…..) This should be an easy one, but you won’t believe what happened!

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Highlights from “Ten Things A Dentist Should Never Say!”

0:12 – Dr. Richard Madow starts The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast” with episode 90.

0:36 – Rich mentions that STAX by fattmerchant is the best way to save money on your credit card processing.  They simply charge a low flat monthly fee.  Check it out:

1:47 – Dr. Madow doesn’t know how to describe the mystery shopper calls. He gives some ideas.  Today’s question is “Do you take Delta Dental?”

2:22 – Rich shares ten things that a dentist should never say to a patient.  Check them out.  Have you heard any of these or are you guilty of these things a dentist should never say?

9:30 – Have you heard a crazy story from a patient?  Rich shares one that could possibly come up and how to respond.

10:31 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call for the podcast.  Does your office know how to answer this question?

12:55 – Rich shares his thoughts on this secret shopper call.

13:37 – Rich makes his second secret shopper call with the same question: Do you take Delta Dental Insurance?

14:58 – Did this caller answer correctly?  Did she ask for an appointment to come in and see the dentist?  Rich tells us so check it out.

15:28 – Third secret shopper call to ask the same question.

16:20 – Rich doesn’t understand why none have asked for an appointment.  People don’t call around just to check if you take delta dental just for fun.  They want an appointment.  Check and see if the last call can do it right.

19:46 – Does your dental office need a second opinion or a first look at your dental practice?  Check out  It will be fun and we can help you find ways to make more money!

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