Ten Things That Are Wrong With Your Office!!

Over the last few years we have visited many practices for full day consults.

We have watched closely as “flies on the wall,” attended and led team meetings, have had intimate (and sometimes emotional) one on one meetings with doctors, spouses and team members, and have even interviewed patients.

We’ve also spoken to thousands of dentists and team members at our one-day “Love Dentistry” and “Boot Camp” seminars.

There is no doubt that every office is different and possesses its own unique blend of strengths and weaknesses.  But there are ten traits that we see in practically every single office we have ever visited! Simply improving some, all or most of these things will improve any practice significantly.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that at least seven or eight of these things, and possibly all of them, are taking place in your very office!!

So without further ado, here are, in no particular order……

Ten Things That Are Wrong With Your Office!!

1. There is a “Million Dollar File Cabinet” of undiagnosed treatment that has not been performed.

2. The “back” and the “front” don’t get along.

3. The perio program is inadequate and not enough soft tissue treatment is being diagnosed and performed.

4. Telephone skills need serious help.

5. Infrequent and disorganized team meetings.

6. Refusal to spot or fire a “bad apple.”

7. Some marketing but no true marketing plan.

8. Inconsistent branding or message.

9. Clinical bottlenecking – not enough quadrant dentistry and too many “watches.”

10. Inadequate fee raises.

So how did you do? Wait a minute – not so fast!! Most offices which we visit have no idea that this stuff is actually taking place until we prove it to them. So take some time, take a good look at this list, and objectively see how you stack up.

As always – we are here to help you!!

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