Testing, Testing, Testing!

We have seen so many dental websites lately that simply don’t “work.” Our very good friend Dr. Michael Barr of www.RevUpYourMarketing.com says in order for a website to be “working,” it needs to be making you money. And there are three important components you need to consider to reach that goal. First, people have to be able to FIND your site. This is typically done by ranking high with search engines on keywords that people are searching on. Next, there needs to be a reason to STAY on your site and actually see what you have to offer. This takes place with compelling information. Lastly, there needs to be a way for your visitors to take ACTION. This would be some type of offer or reason they need to set up an appointment, request a free report, etc.

Another very important thing to consider. With all of the different types of computers out there running different operating systems and browsers, how does your site appear on everyone’s computer? Of course your webmaster does the best job testing this, but the bottom line is that you never really know unless you ask. We recently had our email template redesigned (the one you are reading now). We actually had no idea that in some older versions of AOL mail readers, our heads were totally chopped off. And there were other issues as well. Thanks to Dr. Brian Kvitko of Columbus, OH for letting us know.

The best thing you can do is to ask your patients to check out your site for you. In doing so, they not only get to help you test, but they get to see all of the cool things you are offereing that they perhaps did not even know about. How cool is that?

Along those lines, could YOU do us a favor today? Could you please go to our website, www.madow.com, and check it out to make sure it looks OK on your computer? Take a look at random pages and if there is anything that simply does not appear right, we would love to know!

While you are there, please check out this very special page. Drs. Bodak from Media, PA actually wrote this and we would love for you to take a look. Oh, and by the way, if there is anything on our site that does not appear right on your computer, could you please let us know today? Thanks so much.

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