That’s Not The Spirit!!!

No airline has gotten more publicity lately than Spirit Airlines – for all the wrong reasons.

Recently Spirit Airlines has made the decision to charge up to forty-five dollars to passengers who bring carry-on bags onto the flight, and the press has been slamming them.

Yet Fast Company co-founder Bill Taylor thinks the criticism has been misdirected. Taylor writes in a blog for Harvard Business Review that the big problem is “a company’s actions should line up with the message it’s been sending its customers all along.”

Southwest, one of the few profitable airlines, prides itself on not charging for checked bags of any kind and has even created an advertising campaign based on that. On the other side of the spectrum there is Ryanair, a European airline which has had tremendous success being so cut-rate they charge for practically everything except having a seat. Both airlines create expectations and live up to them.

So if your dental office is a clinic type practice where no appointment is necessary, emergencies are welcome and cold steel and sunshine is the most popular procedure, making patients wait in a crowded reception area may be consistent with their expectations.

On the other hand, if you claim to offer “five star service” and set your fees accordingly, you better live up to that Ritz-Carlton standard, even if that means sucking it up from time to time to keep your patients happy.

So get in the “Spirit” – the lesson is simple. Set your expectations as you like and act accordingly – or better!

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