The Best Piece of Advice!

piece of advice

What’s the best piece of advice ever given by a dental consultant? In this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast, Dr. Rich reveals what that is, and what it means to your practice. Then our mystery shopper calls take a weird twist, and we wind up with instructions on how to have the perfect voicemail message in your practice! For more information on The Madow Center, please go to www.madow.com

Highlights from “The Best Piece of Advice!”

0:17 – Rich welcomes all viewer, listeners and explains the exciting things to look forward on the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.

1:01 – If you get STAX you will not get ripped off with credit card processing fees.  They offer a low flat monthly fee.  Save some money at madow.com/save

2:00 – Dr. Madow was talking about the importance of answering the phone with another colleague.  It is so important.  You can be sure that if you send them to voicemail they are not calling back.  He shares some thoughts on this and what a new patient is thinking.  What does your voicemail say for your dental office?  Are you understaffed?  Find out how to know.

6:47 – Rich mentions that dentists should be trained how to answer the phone.  Any person on the team should be able to answer the phone and trained.

10:02 – Dr. Richard Madow shares some rules for voicemails in your dental practice.  These tips can help any dental office with their voicemail messages to help new patients.  You should also have a call to action.

11:36 – Rich shares some voicemail messages and then talks about them with listeners.

22:52 – Rich shares a telephone voicemail template to use buy encourages dental offices to use their own that works for them.  Check out more at madow.com

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